Would you like to feel good about money again?

Would you love to wake up in the morning feeling relaxed and cheerful, even though money isn’t yet there in the amounts you would like it to be?

Would you like to get your business back on track again and start earning the money you deserve from it?

I guess that the answers to all these questions will be yes. It was when I answered those questions for the first time.

Have you ever felt like this before?

* Anxious, confused and overwhelmed by the whole subject of money

* Fearful, depressed or on edge whenever the thought of money came up in your mind

* Like your business has taken over your life but there’s no money to show for it

* Money is just one big nightmare after another

* You’re deep in debt and can’t see a way out of it

* Like you’re on some kind of merry-go-round that you can’t get off

* You have money, you’re without money, you have money, it’s gone again

* You’re borrowing from Peter to pay Paul all the time

Well, if it helps, you’re not alone.

Me at Liverpool Fashion Week 2013 croppedHello lovely lady, my name is Tania and I’m a Money Confidence Coach and EFT/Tapping practitioner.

For the longest time, my relationship with money was pretty much as described up above. Until I learned that how I feel about money was governing how it showed up in my life. So I learned to feel better about money using EFT/Tapping.  Now I teach women just like you how to do the same.

And what sort of woman are you?

You’re the sort of woman who says yes to one or more of these characteristics:

* Business owner, entrepreneur, heartpreneur, solopreneur

* Sensitive, shy, empathic

* Introverted, quiet, spiritual

* Does everything from the heart

* Finds lack of money a challenge to manage, but doesn’t see it as a motivator

* Is ready, willing and able to take action each and every day to change your relationship with yourself, your business and your money

* Is ready to invest some money into changing this critical aspect of her life

Would it help to know that the root cause of your money worries isn’t what you think it is?

Money blocks are not caused by you being a poor business owner.

Money blocks are not caused by you having out of control spending habits.

They’re not even caused by your inclination to lead from the heart.

They’re caused by how you feel about money.

  • If you feel anxious and scared of money because you grew up in a home where money was always tight, it’s your emotional memories of that time that cause you to remain in the same situation in your adult life

  • If you doubt yourself or your abilities then you’ll consistently undercharge for your services because your emotions tell you that’s what you need to do to be liked – so money remains elusive to you

  • If, deep down, you feel it’s a man’s responsibility to earn the money in a relationship, you will do everything you can to keep yourself in a position where you earn far less than your man – so money stays away from you

Of course, you don’t consciously choose to act and feel that way.

I know I didn’t.

I know my clients don’t.

Tamara VanlintI had done tapping before both by myself and with someone else. I did have a great experience with the other therapist and resolved an issue so I thought I was done. When I got on the call with Tania I thought I was going to tap around money, I was in for a surprise. Other issues came up along with tears! Where did that come from? Tania expertly led me through the script and the points…knowing exactly what to do to get the healing I needed. She really knows her stuff and is so gentle and compassionate that you feel safe to work through the stuff. I highly recommend her for everything that might be holding you back. Thank you Tania.

Tamara V

Rachida Brocklehurst

As an introverted solopreneur living away from home in a foreign country, for too long I’ve shied away from interacting with new people, feeling nervous and worrying that they might think I’m a bit odd. With Tania’s help and direction, I’ve learnt to become more accepting of myself, making time to tap regularly, to take time out to looking inwardly at what’s bothering me, and as a result, feeling more confident than ever before. And guess what? I’ve made several new friends, my business is going in the right direction and I know who I want to work with, and for how much.

Thank you Tania for providing me with newfound confidence, for sharing your wonderful tips and for being so kind and understanding.

Rachida B

But it’s not our conscious mind that governs our actions. It’s our subconscious mind – the place where our emotions reside.

Until you acknowledge that how you feel about money governs your choices, decisions and actions as to how to deal with it, you’ll create the same scenario in your life over and over again.

And yes, I’ve done all those things myself. Felt all those feelings. Believed all those false beliefs.  Lived a poor life in every sense of the word.

Then finally I began to get a handle on it all.  Finally I learned how to stop creating the things I feared the most.  Finally I learned the truth of why I was doing what I was doing – and how to stop it for good.

I started using a technique I learned in 2001 and pretty much ignored after that.  When I got reminders about it from a series of “coincidences” and began using it again, POW! my money relationship started to improve.  

Not only that but my relationship with myself improved.  My business started to grow.  My confidence grew.  My world expanded.  My life began to feel like fun again.  I felt sunny and happy on the inside.

What technique did I use?  I began to use EFT/Tapping again.

Tapping is a gentle, easy to learn technique that requires no equipment.  It can be learned in minutes and will last you a lifetime.  All you have to do is to tap with your fingers on key points of your body and you’ll start to uncover all the hidden memories, emotions and fears that are getting in the way of your relationship with money.

Tapping bypasses the subconscious/conscious mind connection and goes straight to the deepest part of our brain – the amygdala, the home of our fight/flight/freeze response.  It calms our brain, and reduces the amount of stress hormones in our body.  

And once we name, identify and find the feelings and memories that are hiding inside us, we can let them go for good.

So once I let go of my false beliefs about money and stepped into my own power and my own creativity and my own self belief, then guess what?

Yep, you’ve guessed it…

Money became my friend.

Money began to increase in my life.

Money opened doors that were previously closed.

Tapping provides a safe space where you can truly express to yourself (perhaps for the first time in your life) about how you are really feeling.

You see Tapping stops us from stuffing back down the feelings that are floating around inside us. Instead it allows them to gently surface and dissipate leaving feelings of positivity and anticipation in their place.

It allows us to recognise what we actually feel, instead of what we think we ought to feel.

I’ve seen Tapping help to open up my clients’ creativity so that they can then find better ways to solve their financial issues.

I’ve seen beautiful women entrepreneurs go from feeling down, depressed and anxious to feeling optimistic, healed and listened to.

I’ve seen women feel valued again, feel useful again, feel able to contribute again.

I’ve seen them learn to create boundaries for themselves. Learn to listen to their true desires. Learn to live up to their true potential.

I’ve seen them unleash their courage to live full and happy lives, to follow their bliss and bring their dreams into the world.

And all through the simple act of Tapping on themselves.

And as their feelings about money heal, they find that other parts of their lives start to heal too.

  • Relationships begin to flourish.
  • Their business begins to thrive.
  • Their health improves.
  • Their patience increases.
  • Their friends and family are amazed at their progress and the changes they make.
  • They begin to glow again.

So if you’re ready to change your relationship with money and to start to tell a new money story, click on one of the images below to find out how you can start doing that right away 🙂

Can’t wait to help you!

How to change your money beliefs  

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PS Lots of women find the subject of money really scary. I know I did and I still do from time to time (usually when I have to raise my game a level or two and all my insecurities come bursting out again!). But when we lose our fear of money we start to live the life we deserve.

Tammy SiegertzOMG I’d heard about EFT some years back and probably like everyone else thought yeah because tapping and affirming something is wrong is really going to work!! right …. anyway fast forward a few years and I meet Tania who I’ve worked with on a one to one basis a few months ago and she really helped me break through some barriers I didn’t even know I had!

I started the course to help me excel in my business and boy did it do that, its helped me realise all these beliefs I had about money and business and where they came from. I always thought I had a happy childhood which I did but my parents were always saying stuff like “that’s too much money” “same s**t different day” (one of my dad’s best sayings when he would get home from work) “it’s never easy” not even realising it till I started this course that it had affected me in anyway but it obviously had. The course has helped me smash through these beliefs that were I guess programmed into me at a young age.

PPS Looking for a different type of help?  Just choose one of these 3 options and away you go 🙂  Have fun!


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