What do you do when you get what you’ve always wanted?

When you’ve been imagining something coming true in your mind, living as if it were real, refusing to see any other outcome than the one you can picture it HAS to come true.

When you consistently see in your mind’s eye a clear picture of how you want your life to look, and take baby steps and giant leaps forward towards that vision – it materialises right in front of you, when you least expect it.

But once it’s actually arrived what should you do?


Well, the first thing of course is to CELEBRATE!  Share your success with all and sundry, and especially with those people who supported you in your vision.  And to those who didn’t believe in you?  Celebrate harder 😉 it’ll really annoy them!

Once the celebrations are over, what then?

After the hangover has cleared…

Well that’s when the next lot of work needs to be done.  Because now you’ve got to change your vision slightly.  Now you’ve got to change your vision from creating it and receiving it, to KEEPING it.  And that requires a whole other mindset!

We’ve all heard the stories of lottery winners who become 7 figure wealthy overnight and then end up bankrupt and lost within a couple of years.  And that’s because they forgot one simple step.

They forgot to imagine keeping the money.

They imagined winning the lottery and they imagined going on a mad spending spree and imagined living a first class lifestyle.  But they didn’t imagine keeping the money.

Sudden success happened to me

I shared with you last Friday how I have had a sudden and unexpected success for my free 5 day challenge.  For many years I have imagined posting something on Facebook that goes viral and suddenly everybody responds to it.  And that happened to me – twice in two days!

And it’s done something very interesting – it’s helped to bring up lots of my hidden fears to the surface.  It’s helped me see that now that what I’ve always wanted is here, my next job is to step up, expand and grow to become the woman who keeps this amazing success.

Imagination is key

I’ve imagined myself teaching people about angels for a very long time, and a few weeks ago I changed my website tagline to Angel Teacher.  I’ve been introducing myself in Facebook groups as an Angel Teacher and one of the pictures on my vision board for this year has the word Teach in it!

I’ve been living as if I am who I see in my mind, even though the “reality” around me didn’t reflect that.  Right up to the point where it did.  Where “reality” shifted and changed and became the reality that I was seeing in my mind’s eye – where what was on the inside materialised on the outside.  TBT as Mike Dooley says – Thoughts Become Things.

The flip side of the coin

So what are the fears that have come up for me?

  • Be careful what you wish for – it may come true (and bring with it negative consequences)
  • Being criticised
  • Being taken advantage of by freeloaders
  • Having to adjust how I spend my time (no more long lasting coffee dates for me…)
  • Being disrespected

How to fix this

And each time one of these little thought pattern trains has come up in my mind I’ve done what my angels have taught me – I’ve released them and healed them.  And this is how I do it:

  1. I notice the train of thought and stop it in its tracks
  2. I give thanks to my subconscious for bringing it to my attention
  3. I call in my angels
  4. I realise that this thought was created by myself in the past when I was younger and more immature and inexperienced. I also realise that it was created with the intention of protecting me from being hurt
  5. I immediately send love, compassion, healing and acceptance to that wounded part of myself
  6. I then offer myself forgiveness and love
  7. I ask my angels to clear me of that thought pattern and release all the pent up emotions that accompany that thought pattern to my angels for healing
  8. Take a deep breath in and hold it briefly to anchor in the new feelings of love and acceptance then breathe it out.

It’s up to you now

So, if you want something to materialise in your life, keep holding the vision of what it will look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, sound like and what it will mean to you to experience it.  Ask your angels to hold that vision with you and to help you intuit the next right step that will lead you towards that vision.

And take that step

It really doesn’t matter what that step is, and for around 99% of the time, the step that you take will have no direct effect on the outcome that you are looking to achieve.

You’ll be off course for 99% of the time

Just as when you programme your sat nav to take you to a certain place, for 99% of the time you’re not there, but slowly and surely every right turn, roundabout, traffic light and left turn gets you to where you want to go.

It’s only that very last turn that means you’ve arrived.  Every other turn on the journey got you closer to your destination, but it didn’t get you the result you wanted.  It was just another step on the journey.

You have arrived at your destination

And then when you arrive, you have to take the time to imagine keeping what you’ve dreamed so long of creating.  And the only way to do that is to keep on working on your mindset, keep on releasing the fears as they arise and keep on holding the faith.

And last but by no means least….dream of more.

Much love

Tania x

PS  I had such a great time last night sharing how to use Oracle and Tarot cards in Day 1 of my 5 Day Challenge – how to hear your angelic guidance clearly.  The video is still there for replays, so do come and join in the fun!  The Facebook group has got nearly 200 members now, so there’s lots of other angel loving people for you to get to know 😊 Click here to come and join the fun 😊

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And then it was my turn!

Dreams Do Come True

Have you ever wanted something for a long time and it seemed like it was never going to happen for you?  And then, somehow, it did?  And while you were waiting for it to happen to you, it seemed to be happening for everyone else except you?  Yeah that just happened to me!

The Vision

For a long time I’ve had the image in my mind of being a teacher of angels, or maybe I should say about angels, a vision of one to many.  A vision where I had many students and people interested in what I have to say about angels and how I work with them.  A vision that I had long before I actually became an angel teacher, a vision that was there all through the time that I only had the courage to work with them for my own benefit.

And then over the past 48 hours that dream has suddenly come into reality.

The Bigger Picture

I have been wanting to uplevel my life in so many ways – in fact when I put my vision board for the year together in early January I realised that I wanted to expand EVERY area of my life.  My teaching.  My income.  My reach.  My home.  My finances.  My health.  My impact.  My spiritual transformation.

And I’ve done that!  Over the past six months each and every day I’ve done something to move myself towards that goal and then all of a sudden I’ve had a very clear sign, which is what I asked for.

Behind the scenes

I’ve been listening a lot to Esther Hicks and Abraham recently and I remember them saying to someone that when you have been saving up in your vibrational escrow and you come in total alignment with what you have been saving up, that it will come and it will come fast.

The Action I Took

So 2 days ago I put a post in a group that I’m a member of “Love Your Life in 30 Days” with Mike Dooley asking if anyone would be interested in a free 5 day course with me called How to Hear Your Angelic Guidance Clearly starting on Monday.

There are thousands of people in this group, and it’s very active with people posting, so my expectations were non-existent.   Admittedly I did use one of those pretty pink backgrounds full of hearts  : )

I posted it about 8.30pm in the evening and I very quickly got people commenting yes on the post.  So by the time I went to bed about 20 people had replied and I’d sent them the link.

I went to sleep with a smile on my face delighted with this response.

Holy Moly!  The Angels Delivered in Style

When I checked back in to Facebook the next morning around 11.30am I was dumbfounded.  Over 150 people had responded yes!  So I tagged them and sent them the links – in fact I tagged so many people I inadvertently got blocked from tagging by Facebook, because I didn’t realise that you could do such a thing!

Of the people who said yes more than half of them went on to sign up.  And over the course of the day more and more people said yes.  So within 24 hours more than 200 people responded positively and more than 100 signed up.

So I went to bed exhausted but happy as I welcomed them into my Facebook group 😊

Could I do it Again?

Then I decided (through much inner resistance) to put the same post in another group and got the same response.  A part of me didn’t think the same thing could happen twice, but it did!

So now I have almost 100 people in my Facebook group and many more on my mailing list who are all ready and willing to hear what I have to say about angels!

What Went Before

For the longest time I’ve wanted to be able to post a message like this – to say that I’ve had a huge response to a post I’ve shared, and now it’s happened.

I’ve had so many things to do to get here, I’ve had to work on and release so many fears and so many beliefs and thought patterns that held me back and kept me small.

I’ve taken so many “wrong” turns and made so many “mistakes”.

Dream Come True

If you’d told me on Tuesday morning that this would happen I’d never have believed you.  But by the end of Wednesday my dream was beginning to materialise and by this morning it’s fully formed and here.

But without those “mistakes” I’d never have had the success I’ve now had.  So if you’re wanting a goal in your life and it seems like it’s far away, keep going and keep the faith.

Because you may wake up one morning and find it’s arrived 😊

Much love


PS Here’s your chance to come and join the free challenge and find out what everyone else has been getting so excited about!

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What if there was a different way?

This week has been a difficult one for us here in the UK, and especially here in the North West where I live.  In fact, on Tuesday of this week I travelled to Manchester to be a guest on a local community radio station for 2 hours talking about angels and their messages of peace and love.

The invitation was extended to me about 3 weeks ago and when I went to make the appointment, I was shown very clearly that I had to be the guest on the 23rd.

What I experienced

As I travelled to, through and from Manchester, the mood overall was very upbeat, with plenty of good positive energy flowing.  The community was pulling together and people were adjusting to the sudden, but temporary change.

One of the main train stations was closed and so people were having to use alternative trains to get to their destinations, but everyone did so with good heart.  In fact, on my way there, I ended up sitting next to a lady and we talked non-stop about angels all the way to Manchester.

What the media portrayed

When I got to the radio station though, the energy was very different – it was all about keeping people feeling helpless and fearful.  The news was broadcast every thirty minutes and each time it focused on the scariest aspects of what happened.

If you wanted to find out the real stories of what happened, the only place you found this was on social media.  Stories of bravery, compassion and reaching out to strangers to offer comfort, shelter and love abounded.  People from all walks of life banded together and let complete strangers into their homes, their cars, their lives.

One of the stories that touched me was the story of how two homeless men who had been begging by the stadium leaped into action to help the children, teenagers and adults who had been injured.  In the newspaper stories about this, there seemed to be a feeling of incredulity that two people that they very often portray as being not worthy of our love or compassion should do something selfless for other people.

Lesson learned

For me, it’s high time that our media was used to bring out the best in people, to show just how loving, caring and compassionate our society really is.  The negativity and the manipulation of people’s emotions for the worse is one of the many reasons that I avoid having contact with the mainstream media.

While I loved being the guest on the radio station, and the fact that my angels knew that there would be a very great need for their message on that day, it saddened me to see how people are being manipulated without their awareness.  And part of me wants nothing to do with that, and part of me wants to be part of what will come out of all this.

What people *really* want

What we have to learn most of all is that what people everywhere want is connection.  A connection to love, to friendship, to their tribe.  We spend a great deal of our time building walls between ourselves and our fellow human beings.

  • We spend hours on our phones, using the written word to communicate, and forgetting the power of our own voices to make connection with others
  • We bury ourselves in busy work to feel like we’re “doing” something instead of using that time to show how much we love ourselves and other people
  • We push earphones into our ears to block out the sounds of other people and to create our own private world, disconnected from the world around us
  • We rely on large organisations to provide our daily needs and thus disconnect ourselves from the natural world and the changing of the seasons
  • We use intermediaries to communicate difficult news to others
  • We bury ourselves in the torrent of news and advertising so that we can sooth ourselves with “stuff” instead of with connection
  • We label people by their faith, sexuality, gender, financial status, job title and emphasise the differences between “them” and “us”

We are all one in this world of ours.  It may seem that we are all separate beings, but in reality we are all of the one mind and the one heart.  We are more similar than we are different.

A new reality

Yesterday the angels gave me an inspired glimpse of an alternative future reality where instead of the news focusing on the horror of tragedies like this, it encouraged us all to send love, healing, compassion and prayers to help those involved.

It broadcast details of

  • *practical* things we could do to help, such as donating goods, money or blood
  • details of where volunteers were needed to help comfort the injured and bereaved
  • a timetable of when extra resources would be needed in the days ahead so that systems did not become overloaded and emergency teams overwhelmed
  • times when group healing could be sent to help the situation

And instead of relentlessly talking about the injured and dead, it kept the focus on the good, and only broadcast known facts, rather than speculation, gossip, hearsay and rumour, and limited those broadcasts to 2-3 times per day, rather than 2-3 times an hour.

Change Your Focus

When we focus on connection, love and compassion, it enables the world to change.  People reach out to each other, old differences are forgotten, priorities and life focus change, and in the process the whole of humanity is uplifted.

One day, our great grandchildren will come to us and say “Did that really used to happen?  Why did people do that to themselves?  Didn’t they know that love is what will help most, not fear?  Things really were messed up in the olden days!”

And I’d love to be able to say to my great grandchildren “Yes, they were for a time, however I was blessed to be among the first to help make those changes for the better.  The angels guided me and showed me how to bring love to people who felt they didn’t have enough.  And now you and all your friends get the benefit of those changes.  It took a lot of courage on the parts of many people, but in the end love and common sense prevailed.”

What would you like to tell your great grandchildren one day?

Much love

Tania x

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  • how to use oracle and tarot cards
  • how to develop your psychic senses
  • using journalling or automatic writing for guidance
  • how to see specific signs from your angels
  • how to use meditation and prayer

I’ll be doing this through daily video broadcasts in the Angels in Training Facebook Group (click here to join the group).  If you want to know more, and how to sign up, just tag me in the group once you’ve joined 😊

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On Sunday night I put my foot down to the Universe

So there I was stood in my kitchen getting my dinner ready having a massive rant to my angels.  I was totally going for it, clearing out all the thoughts that had been circling around my head, thoughts that until that moment I hadn’t dared express.  Or that I even knew were there, at times!

Angels, I ranted, you know that I hate living in this area!  You know that I deserve better!  You know where I belong, and I don’t belong here!

Earlier that evening I’d been travelling back from my daughter’s house after looking after my granddaughters all weekend.  And as I queued up to get the bus back to my current house I could feel such major discomfort coming up.

A discomfort that I’d been aware of for quite some time but that I didn’t quite know how to shift – I’d tried all my usual remedies and they’d shifted some of it but not all of it.

As usual to make my journeys more pleasant, I was listening to an audio book.  This time I was listening to Dr Christiane Northrup’s new book Making Life Easy.  In one of the chapters she shared a prayer technique that I hadn’t come across before and so as she read out the words I envisaged the part of my life that is giving me the most discomfort – my home.

As I followed the technique I began to feel things shifting.  Then as I got off the bus at the other end, the true horror (to me) of where I am currently living came into stark clarity.

As I closed the front door I could feel it beginning to bubble up inside.  And shortly after I let rip to the angels.  As usual they were neither ruffled, nor judgmental.  Instead they welcomed me clearing both my emotions and my thoughts.

You see I’d been plagued with thoughts like

  • Am I asking for too much to go and live in Formby?
  • Will I end up repeating the mistakes I made previously when I lived in a bigger house?
  • Will I end up in financial difficulties again if I take on a private rental home?
  • I should be content with where I am as it’s been a good place to recover my sense of self
  • Does it really matter where I live because the work I do is international and only needs an internet connection?

What my weekend in Formby had showed me was many things

  • That I was ready to let go of the vow I’d made when I was 17 and emotionally troubled to never go back and live in Formby
  • That it was a joy to look out of the windows of your home and not feel afraid of what you would see or hear
  • That the people were friendly and welcoming and have similar outlooks to mine in many ways
  • That I would be within walking distance of my daughter, granddaughters and parents
  • That it was time to open up fully the manifesting channels that I’d begun to work with a few weeks ago

So the contrast between where I see myself and where I want to be and live and where I am actually living was so strong that it launched a huge rocket of desire on my part to have done with the faffing around and the mincing about and the general wishy-washiness of my thinking.

After all, although I was venting at the angels, it wasn’t my angels who needed convincing that I deserve better… it was me!!

 The angels had patiently brought me step-by-step to this place where I could safely vent let go of all the fug and the fogginess and the muzziness and could get complete and utter clarity.

So once I’d let go of the anger and frustration at myself, I took action.  After all there’s no point in putting your foot down to the Universe and then sitting back on your bum and doing nothing about it.  All the clarity in the world won’t help you, if you don’t then do something to help the Universe along!!

I put a post in a Facebook group I’m part of which consists of old school friends.  Friends, I said, I have some good news – I’m moving back to Formby!  I’m looking for a house to rent and if anyone knows of anything that is available please let me know.  I may be able to take on my daughter’s house when she completes the purchase of her first home, but otherwise, I need some help.

Within an hour or so I got a message from one of my school friends saying he might be able to help with finding me a house.  Divinely inspired action has rapid results!!

And although the step I took wasn’t huge – it was just a post in a Facebook group – it stated clearly my intention, and also the timetable I’m working to (mid-July).

And when I woke up the next morning I was full of energy and enthusiasm for finding new ways to increase my income to ensure that I can enjoy a good lifestyle as part of the upgrading of my home.

And again I took rapid action, posting in a Mastermind group that I’m part of asking for help with rapidly growing my income.  And again the Universe responded immediately – I made contact with a marketing coach who gave me lots of fabulous guidance to help me get more people aware of my work.

So if you’re struggling to get something manifesting or changing in your life, make sure you find as many ways/times you can to get total clarity.  With total clarity the Universe can come to your aid in a million little ways that you can’t see right now.

Because as Abraham reminds us, the vibration of the solution to the problem you are experiencing is totally different, and you have to find a way to get from where you are to where the solution is, by shifting your vibrations.

In other words you have to clear out the crap in your head, take action and get out of your own way!


Tania x

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Why can’t I see angels?

Angels love to help!

I’m going to make a confession here – I can’t see angels.  I can sense them, hear them, feel them, but I rarely see them.  And there’s a good reason for this.

My primary psychic sense is claircognisance.

There are 4 main clair or psychic senses and 2 minor ones.  Most people are familiar with the word clairvoyant, which means clear seeing.  In other words, someone who is clairvoyant can see, often with their physical eyes, but mostly with their mind’s eye, angels, spirit guides, aura colours and other aspects of the unseen world.   But this gift is relatively rare which is why so many people say to me that they can’t see angels.

I got chatting with a lady I met in one of my Facebook groups and she said to me that she had real trouble seeing angels in the classic “wings, halo and golden hair” image.

I explained that there are two main reasons for this:

  • Angels are non-physical beings, so they don’t have a form that we would recognise. The images we are familiar with are ones that angels create for us so that if we see them, we can recognise who they are.  In reality, they are simply balls of energy.  I have a photo that I took of some horses and blazed across the photo is a line of gold-white energy, like you see in your eyes when you’ve looked at a light source for too long.  That was an angel passing by!


  • Her primary psychic sense is more likely than not to be one of the other senses – clairaudience, clairsentience or claircognisance.

Clairaudience means clear hearing.  This is when you hear either in your own voice in your head, or through your physical ears, messages from angels or other members of your spirit team.  You may also notice a high pitched ringing in your ear from time to time.

I often hear my angels and angels will also use clairaudience via things that you hear from/through other people, eg by listening to an audio book and you have a lightbulb moment.

Clairsentience means clear feeling – this is when you get a sensation in your body such as a sudden feeling of joy coming over you, or a feeling of peace and contentment which usually means your angels are nearby.

You can also acquire unpleasant feelings such as a pain in your body, which is often experienced by mediums when they are giving a reading to confirm to the person they’re working with the veracity of what they are receiving from the spirit world.

There is also clairgustance which means clear tasting.  I have had this very occasionally and again it is something that mediums often experience when giving readings.  This is when you can get a taste in your mouth of something that someone in the spirit world wants to give as a confirmation signal, such as a taste of a particular food.

You can also catch a scent of angels – a beautiful floral fragrance with a sweetness that is rarely found here on Earth – this is called clairscent.  Again, mediums often are given a fragrance by someone who’s passed over such as their favourite perfume or flower.

Which brings me to claircognisance.  This means clear knowing.

For me what this means is that something arrives in my mind, kind of like it’s in a box, which then rapidly unwraps itself in my head, Harry Potter luggage style!  Words tumble through my mind, or actions that I need to take or answers to questions I’ve asked.

I have occasionally seen my angels but I’ve had to work hard with their help to do this.  So they sent me a box and when it unpacked itself, it played itself like a film projecting onto my mind’s eye.

This is when I saw the Divine Fire inside an angel for the first time, and understood just how powerful they are, and why they tend to show up in a form that we are comfortable with.  In their true state they are just incredible – although as usual words don’t do them justice!

I also saw with my mind’s eye some of the Angels of Healing who stood all round my granddaughters when they were born prematurely in 2013, supporting their tiny bodies as they began their physical journey with us.  I could see huge channels of Divine Healing Light being poured into the girls, and by little Amelia’s incubator, one of the angels held a giant tube like item which pumped a really thick kind of white light into her, as she had more physical struggles after her birth than her sister Evie did.

The longer that I’ve worked with the angels and travelled my spiritual path, the more that I’ve been able to tune in to ALL of my psychic senses, and they are now pretty balanced.  So although claircognisance is my primary sense, I also hear, feel and smell my angels around me as well.

And this has also enabled me to sense the presence and messages of other beings in the spirit realm, such as Ascended Masters, Goddesses and spirit animals such as Unicorns and Dragons.

So if you have ever wondered why you can’t see angels, don’t despair – I can’t either!!  And this in spite of me being a very visual person – I have amazing peripheral vision and can see details in things that very few others can, especially when I take my glasses off and look at something closely 😊

Just because you can’t “see” your angels doesn’t mean that you’re not receiving their guidance, it just means that the guidance is coming to you via another channel – so keep a “look out” for what that might be and relax knowing that you’re doing just fine using your other senses.

Much love

Tania x

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When I was desperate

Visualise, appreciate, focus

Over the past few weeks and months I have been really deepening my relationship with my angels, and with the Divine.  I have gone within like never before, and learned what hidden beliefs were standing in my way that were slowing down my progress and my message.

One of the big lessons that I’ve learned that has helped to catapult me forward was when I was talking with my angels one day about my finances, and about how whenever I “needed” more money it rarely appeared.


The angels showed me that the reason for this was because I was placing my trust and hopes on “the money” when they needed to be placed elsewhere.  They needed to be placed in God and the Divine Mind, not on “the money” (or the time or the energy or the opportunities or whatever else I perceived as being lacking in my life).

As I began to let go of this habit of pinning my hopes on outside things, and instead placed them internally, something really interesting began to happen.  I started to feel so much more fulfilled, at peace with myself and at one with the flow of Life.

When I looked at my outside, there was no change at all.  I was still “lacking” certain things, but on the inside I could feel their presence.  For a long time I’d read about this, heard about it and watched it come up in videos, and I wondered just HOW I was going to achieve this.

The How of It

How, I wondered, is it possible to feel the “presence” of something that is blatantly not there?  How do I feel as if I’m rich when my bank account tells me otherwise?  How do I feel like I’m radiantly healthy when I’m slumped in my chair feeling anything but?  How do I feel as though I have a part to play in the world, when nobody seems to be noticing me or my efforts?

I’m a details girl you see – I ALWAYS want to know the “how” of things.

So my angels helped me to change this habit – but they did it indirectly!  They took my attention away from the things that were “absent” and instead turned it more frequently to the things that were “present”.

For example, they helped me notice that when I thought I was far from my dream of living in the country, I am actually instead very close to it.  Each and every day I get to walk in beautiful peaceful woodland countryside, surrounded by the fields and dotted with cattle and horses.  I may not be able to see all this from my bedroom window (yet!), however I get to live it and experience it every single day just as I would if I were living in a cottage in the country.  So I’m already living the dream I have, the only thing that needs to change is my geographical location – the rest is already there in my life!

Focus on Service

The angels helped me to gradually focus more and more on my service to the world.  They guided me unfailingly to the right people, resources and opportunities to clear my limiting beliefs, to become more confident, to find the message that resonates with me, to the financial resources that could help to open doors, to trust my intuition and feelings completely, to follow the steps I was shown.

And as they did that, my relationship with myself changed and became one of love.  I started to see opportunities to help people even though I wasn’t going to be paid directly to do so.  For a long time, I was focused on the lack of money in my life and I became desperate.

  • When I was desperate I would write blog articles and hope that people would share them. They didn’t.
  • When I was desperate I would pray for more money to come. It didn’t.
  • When I was desperate I would give grudgingly and with expectations of the giving being returned to me. It wasn’t.
  • When I was desperate I wanted to be able to instantly manifest things like cheques in the post. They didn’t.

I tried everything I could think of to try and get more people to hear my message.  And the more desperate I became, the more they stayed away in droves.  It wasn’t until I became completely immersed in being of service that things started to shift rapidly for me.

All Change!

Once I made that internal shift amazing things started to happen

  • People spontaneously shared things I’d published
  • I asked for – and got – a raise in my day job rate
  • I reached out to people to see if I could share my message through their audience – and got a yes
  • I manifested thousands of pounds worth of free gifts and online resources
  • People began signing up to my newsletter list again
  • I reconnected with friends from my schooldays
  • I found affordable Argentine Tango dance lessons nearby (another dream fulfilled!)
  • I started discussions in Facebook groups that got lots of interaction
  • I found numerous ways I could offer small services to people for free

Once I began to see that it was my service that mattered, not my words, my world turned around and the riches of the Universe began to pour out onto me.

So if you’re looking to shift something in your life that at the moment you believe to be absent, spend time focusing on the things that are present already.  Then as you get used to those feelings of presence you can spread them to the parts of your life that you want to expand more – your health, your spirituality, your finances, your relationships.

Remember as always to ask your angels for help with this – and they will guide you instantly to the right places, people and opportunities, even if it seems a bit oblique!

Much love

Tania x

PS  If you’re ready to dive deeper into your relationship with your angels, then you’ll love my Talking to Angels course (aka Angels 101).  It’s the cornerstone of my Angel Shaman Academy and the changes people have experienced since doing the course are amazing!  Click here and come and join the community – it’s time to grow and change 😊

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I can’t ask the angels for help with THAT!

Angels love to help!

When I first started working with the angels back in 2002-2003, I believed that I could only ask them for help under certain conditions

  1. When I was in deep doo doo
  2. To help me with my quest for spiritual enlightenment
  3. If it was something “small”

And it took me more than 10 years to let go of those beliefs!  So I only asked the angels for help very occasionally.

For a long time I believed that I had to lurch from crisis to crisis in order to get help from the angels, but eventually they helped me to shed that belief, and so my life began to become smoother and smoother.

Which meant that condition #1 was no longer applicable 😊

Spiritual Development is fine

When it came to my spiritual and personal development, I was very happy to ask the angels for help – could they guide me to a book that would help?  A workshop?  Clients for readings or healings?  This latter one I struggled with a bit – because of my severely limited beliefs around the topic of money, which thankfully I’ve now healed and cleansed 😊

I felt ok to ask the angels for these types of things because they fitted in with my seeing them as part of the Divine Mind, so this would mean that they wouldn’t have to help me with my secular work/life.  I wouldn’t be taking them away from “important” tasks or offending them by asking for help in my daily life.

Can you help with my daily life, angels?

Gradually though, through my reading and studying and working with the angels, I realised that helping me in my daily life was *exactly* what the angels wanted to do!  They wanted to see me happy and content, and that meant making my day to day living experience a good one too.

I also felt ok asking for help with little things like parking spaces (handy when you went to places like Alton Towers or big shopping malls 😉 ), what to have for dinner (the angels have unlimited access to cookbooks and recipes!) or what to do with my time when I had a choice of options (the angels always choose an option that makes me feel good).

What about the big things – especially the things that are broken?

Ask them for help with the BIG things?  No I couldn’t do that.  Help with my finances?  No way José!  Improve my diet?  Uh-uh.  Change my beliefs?  Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it!

And so for a long time I really struggled with my angel relationship.  It was stop-start, stop-start, stop-start.  It wasn’t ever on the part of the angels that things stopped either – that’s an impossibility and against Divine Law.  But I didn’t know that at the time.  I just saw things getting better and all but said – ok angels, I can handle it from here.

The Breakdown (I mean Break THROUGH)

Of course I couldn’t really, and when things got difficult or my emotions boiled over or my life spun out of control, I would once again turn to my angels for help.

Then eventually my life sunk to its lowest ebb in 2011-2012 when everything I knew and cherished and adjudged myself to be vanished from my life one after the other.  Marriage.  Home.  Children.  Business.  Finances.  All of it disappeared in one form or another in the space of 16 months.  And so I broke, quite literally.

And that’s the point at which I learned there is literally *nothing* you can’t ask the angels for help with.  They quite literally saved my life when I was not merely contemplating suicide, but actively planning how I would do it.

That’s the point at which the tiny battered part of me that was still hoping that things could get better reached out to the angels and asked them to help guide me back to a life where I could feel and be happy again.  Where there was colour in the world, not just black, white and shades of grey.  Where I could feel light and not weighed down by a heaviness that shrouded me in darkness.

Help me… with everything please

So yes, in hindsight this was still asking for help with the big things (rebuilding my life) but it also gave me a chance each and every day to ask for help with the littlest things.  Please help me have the energy to shower today.  Please help me to wear a pretty dress today.  Please help me eat the right foods to boost my energy.  Please help me to hear you clearly.  Please help me cross the road safely.  Please help me to deal with this paperwork today.  Please help me start writing again.  Please help me remember the dreams I had as a child again.  Please help me get enough money together to get through this week.

And as each of these requests was answered and as I grew more confident in hearing and following my angels’ guidance, slowly and surely my life began to get better.  My finances began to improve.  My family relationships began to improve.  I began to answer the call of my life’s purpose (but it took me several years and false starts to really answer that call, as I wanted so badly to be “accepted” and I didn’t think that being an angel teacher would lead to that).  My mental, emotional and spiritual health recovered.

Helping and Healing others

Often my clients and members of the Academy start off their angel journeys in the same way that I did – by believing that they can only ask for help with the emergencies, the inconsequential things or the spiritual things.  Which means that when they need my help, I have a vast resource of memories and experiences to fall back on to help and guide them.

Nowadays, there’s *nothing* I don’t ask my angels for help with!  If my finances need a boost I ask for help with bringing me new students for the Academy or members of my group programmes.  If I want to extend my reach and take the messages from and about the angels to a wider audience, I ask for help.  If I want my health to improve, I ask for help.  If I want to tend my garden, I ask for help.  If I want to wake up earlier, have more energy, eat better, clean the house more effectively… I ask the angels for help.

And that help is instantly and freely given 😊

My Key Words for 2017

So when it came time to choose the words that I would work with this year back in January, I chose the words Faith and Trust, because by keeping those two words front and centre of all that I do, I have grown and expanded my life exponentially since the beginning of the year.

My angels have shown me where to place my faith and trust, and it’s not in the things of this world.  It’s not in the money or the house or even my life purpose.  By placing my trust and faith in the Land of the Divine, all that I dream of can and will come true.  In ways expected and unexpected.

So if there’s something you need help with, but think the angels can’t help because it doesn’t seem big/spiritual/hard/[fill in the blank] enough, be willing to change that thought.  Because they almost certainly CAN help.  They’re just waiting to be asked 😊


Tania x

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I only think pure positive thoughts

I only think pure positive thoughts

The angels often bring things to my attention about my thoughts and about how people around me think.  Recently they’ve brought the topic of positive thinking to my attention, and I’ve seen so many different people also talking about it, that I felt inspired to put fingers to keyboard.

As you walk your spiritual or personal development path, you will come across lots of teachings about focusing only on what you want, on eliminating negative thoughts and beliefs and that you shouldn’t give in to harsh emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt or shame.

And so whenever you begin to consciously choose your thoughts and find yourself thinking angry thoughts or feeling deep resentment, you immediately berate yourself and try and put a gloss on it.

  • “Sending them love and light” said through gritted teeth with a fixed smile as you remember being let down by a friend
  • “I don’t get angry anymore, I’m on a spiritual path” thought as you remember your spouse putting you down in front of your friends
  • “I’m above behaving in such a manner” you respond inwardly as someone cuts you up in traffic

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that having positive thoughts is a bad thing – it’s not.  It’s a very wonderful thing.  And in fact *most* of the time these days I rarely have negative thoughts.  But that’s because I’ve done something about those negative thoughts, and I’ll share what I’ve done in a moment, because I know it will help you too.

Putting a gloss over negative thoughts and emotions is a bit like spending hours in the garden planting new flowers, giving your hands a quick wash and then putting nail varnish on your nails to disguise the dirt buried under your nails.  You might not be able to see the dirt, but the dirt is still there.  And will remain there until you clean it out.

Whenever you find negative thoughts, limiting beliefs or old behaviour patterns emerging, it’s not something to berate yourself about, it’s a sign that you’re ready to let go of those things.  You’ll never completely rid yourself of negative thoughts, but you certainly can remove at least 95% of them.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve found dozens of old limiting beliefs surfacing, many of them the vestiges of work that I’ve done previously.  I’ve had some old beliefs such as these surfacing recently

  • That putting the heating on is being profligate with my money
  • That *not* putting the heating on is being a scrooge
  • That being self employed has put me in a foolish position financially
  • That I can’t move to the area I want because I feel judged financially by the people living there
  • That I’m different to everyone else, and that I’ll always be an outsider
  • That there’s nowhere I *can* move to where I’ll be accepted

(Can’t win with the first two can I?!)

All of these beliefs were hidden from me consciously – and they’ve been shaping my actions and thoughts without me realising.  So here’s how I deal with them

  1. I imagine sitting down for a cup of coffee with a friend
  2. I invite my angels to join us
  3. I imagine pouring out my heart to my friend, imagining our entire conversation from start to finish
  4. As the conversation progresses, my angels will bring to my attention anything I’ve just said to my friend that is holding me back, is a limiting belief or that shapes my behaviour
  5. As I grasp the truth of what the angels are showing me, I say to them “I release this to you angels, for healing”
  6. I feel a weight lifting off my shoulders
  7. I spend a few moments enjoying this feeling of being free and weightless
  8. I review the situation I was explaining to my friend and see if the conversation needs to continue
  9. If it does I keep on explaining more and more to my friend and letting go of all the things that are holding me back
  10. Once I feel that everything that needs to be released today has been released, I thank my friend and my angels and go about my day.

I can do this anywhere, anytime.  But most often I do it while walking my dogs in the woods in the morning, when my mind is fresh and alert and the day is just beginning.

As I release all my old thoughts, it’s amazing how quickly the Universe will send me new things to fill the space of the old things, and the life I’ve always dreamed of begins to materialise before my very eyes 😊

Much love

Tania x

PS Did you find this angel tip helpful?  If so do leave a comment!

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Tiny actions that make a big difference

So yesterday I mentioned that I’ve been into taking small environmental actions for many years. My interest in the environment began when I was in my early twenties and occasional articles began appearing in newspapers and magazines about the impact the human race was beginning to have on our amazing planet.

So I kept on reading/studying/learning and discovered the types of small things I could do that could have a positive impact on our planet. Things like:

  • switching the water off while cleaning my teeth

  • re-using wrapping paper

  • using cleaning products that don’t harm the environment

  • removing meat and other animal products from my diet

  • creating my own meals from scratch instead of buying factory made ones

  • using public transport/walking/riding a bike instead of using the car

I also taught my children to do the same sorts of things as well, and they’re now teaching these things to their children too (with a little help from grandma 😉 ).

If we want to wake up each morning and enjoy the sun shining, the wind blowing, the feel of the earth under our feet, then we each have to do our small bits.

Did you know for example that if every office worker used just one less staple per year we could save 120 TONS of steel?! All by using just one less staple… And just remember this when you rip a staple out and stick it in the bin instead of the recycling container!

These tiny, insignificant steps can add up to a whole heap of love for our planet and the environment. And as you start to work with these kinds of changes, they often start to ripple out into other areas of your life too – especially your psychic skills and intuition.

As you become more determined to make a difference, so the spiritual world will open up and welcome you too. You’ll start noticing things that you’ve never noticed before – the scent of a flower as you walk past, the beauty of a tree in its autumn splendour, the sound of the wind blowing in your garden, a rose shining in a neglected garden.

I’ve learned that only way to make true progress in my spiritual journey is to make tiny little changes and make them a consistent part of my life.

And there’s been a tiny little mental change that I’ve made recently and that’s beginning to ripple out into my life.

I’ve started to see myself, truly see myself, passionately see myself, as being a teacher and not a coach. As being a teacher and not a mentor. As being a teacher and not a business owner.

I’ve come to realise that when I started calling how I earn a living as being a business owner, rather than being self employed, I started to scare myself (although it took me a loooonnnngg time to realise this). And this is when my bookkeeping work started to dry up and I’ve never been able to regain that level of income.

And because I was calling myself a business owner and not a teacher, I couldn’t attract the right people, and I couldn’t find my groove and I couldn’t make the differences I want to. I was teaching people how to grow a business (and helped a lot of people) but I don’t truly know how to grow a proper business, because I’ve never owned a true business, I’ve only ever been a single self employed person,no matter how many times I gave myself the label of business owner.

But now that I’ve truly accepted being a teacher, I can now see opportunities to teach people about the things that I’m most passionate about – angels, living your life purpose, crystals, spiritual senses, intuitive guidance.

I can now stop trying to shoehorn my teaching ability in the wrong areas and to the wrong people. Instead I can now open myself up to my true calling and follow that path blissfully and in full confidence and trust.

So now it’s your turn – what have you been trying to shoehorn into the wrong container in your life?



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Trees really can talk to each other

Did you know that trees really can communicate with other? That they have family networks? That there are mother trees that care for their daughter trees?

I intuitively knew all this and then I found this incredible talk on Ted a few weeks ago.

Scientist Suzanne Simard began experimenting with whether it was possible that trees communicated with each other, and how they did so. By injecting a radioactive isotope into the soil around certain trees, she was then able to monitor the spread of that isotope.

She carried on theorising and experimenting and discovered that if a young tree was ailing or struggling in some way, its mother tree would send extra nutrients to it through the network of roots underground.

I have always loved being in and around trees, they are some of the wisest beings I have ever come across. Being in a woodland, especially one that hasn’t really been “managed” is a magical experience.

I often start my walk under the trees feeling anxious and worried and scared (especially if things aren’t working out the way I want them to) and leave feeling calm and centred and with a plan of action to deal with my erratic emotions.

The intricate network that exists between the trees, the soil, the flowers and plants, the animals and the weather creates an environment that is nourishing and wholesome, one that human beings greatly benefit from.

We benefit from the trees’ ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. We benefit from their bodies being turned into everything from floorboards to paper to furniture. Without trees, much of our modern life would exist.

Without trees, ancient sailors would not have been able to explore river systems and then the oceans. Without trees, our atmosphere would be difficult to breathe. Without trees, Victorian England would have choked to death on the smog it created.

I have been acutely aware of the network of roots that plants create below the soil as I’ve been renovating my back garden over the past few weeks. As I’ve been turning the soil over and removing the roots, there are times when I close my eyes and all I can see are images of plant roots.

And that got me to thinking how like the roots of plants and trees are to the neurons and nerve networks in our own bodies. How, just like the roots of a tree bringing nutrients and nourishment to the rest of the tree, our cells do the exact same thing.

How peoples’ brains are connected to each other – as can be seen when you realise someone is walking towards you so you step to the left, and they step to the right; so you step to the right and they step to the left, and you both end up laughing and saying something like “Great minds think alike!”

Our entire planet and way of living are all interconnected and if we don’t do something about creating more and greater harmony, then we risk losing everything we’ve got.

I’ve spent most of my adult life finding ways in which I can reduce/minimise/eliminate the harm that I cause to our planet. I began recycling as soon as there were ways to recycle packaging because I’d realised long before that just carting everything away and dumping it in holes in the ground is unsustainable – sooner or later we’re going to run out of holes in the ground to fill with our rubbish. Not to mention that the methane gas that is given off is also extremely damaging tom our world.

And the connections between people and life don’t end here on our planet, they also go beyond us and into the spiritual realm as well. Connections between people and angels, people and members of their family who’ve passed over, connections between people and spiritual masters who once walked this plane.

There is nothing we can do that doesn’t impact somebody somewhere. Every time we turn on a tap, switch on a light, put the gas fire on, we’re impacting our planet and our environment.

And I don’t know about you, but I love this world that we live in. And I know that every tiny action we can take to make this planet a bit better, a bit more beautiful and a lot more connected, will have massive results in the future.

A few moments of care taken today to do something that will reduce our impact on the world means that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will get to enjoy the same sights and sounds as we do – and not just in some history book.



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