Tania Angelis, Angel Teacher and Channeller of Angels

Ready to learn more about angels?

Are you curious about who they are, why they are here and how to get in touch with them?

Would you like to clearly hear guidance from them?

That’s wonderful news because that’s just what I teach people ūüôā


Tania AngelisMy name is Tania Angelis and I’m an angel teacher, founder of The Angel Shaman Academy and creatrix of the group programme The Soul Expansion Experience.

My passion and mission in life is to help women just like you begin their journey to getting to know their own personal angels, understand about different types and groups of angels and how to incorporate your psychic and intuitive skills into your day to day life.

Now I’d love to help you further, so let’s get into some of the finer details about you, about my work and about the angels ūüôā

Let’s get to know each other

I want to talk about you first of all. ¬†Ah grasshopper, let me gaze into my crystal ball… No, seriously, let’s ask you a few questions instead, and if you answer yes to more than 2 of them, then you’ll know you’re in the right place ūüôā

  • Have you ever just “known” something, but don’t know how you know it (and often assume everyone else knows it as well)?
  • Have you ever had an experience with seeing something you couldn’t quite explain?
  • Have you ever felt lost, scared, vulnerable, alone, and then felt inexplicably taken care of and protected?
  • Have you ever wondered how you’re going to get through the week ahead financially, and then somehow money just appeared out of nowhere?
  • Have you noticed talk of angels around you – in your Facebook feed, in conversations with friends or on TV programmes?
  • Have you seen images of angels, books about angels, listened to meditations that featured angels?
  • Have you¬†noticed repeated number patterns around you such as 111/11:11; 222; 333 or 444?

Well the good news is that these are all signs of angels around you, and the even better news is that yes, they are very real!

Want to meet other angel loving souls?

A message from the angels

So now¬†let’s hear a message from the angels themselves, who channelled it through me and who have been waiting to speak to you ūüôā

Wishing you a warm welcome to our world and first of all we want to thank you for showing up today.  In fact, we want to thank you for showing up each and every day, for being an amazing human being, for being willing and ready and able to find out more and more and  more about yourself about the world around you and, of course, about us angels.

We have been waiting for this chance to speak to you, and in fact we know that you have been hearing whisperings and stirrings in your soul and in your mind, about how it’s time to make a change, to do something different, to make a difference to the world. ¬†But we understand that this can seem odd, illogical and hard to do when you have so many more and other demands on your time and energy. ¬†How, you are asking yourself, can I make time for angels as well?

We want you to know that there is as much time for everything you need to do and we will help you make more time as well for angels.  Because all the time you ever need is available to you.  And we can help you to organise that if you so desire.  We also want you to know that your voice, your dream,  your new idea is so very needed in this world right now.  And so an excuse like not enough time is not fair on you, on your magnificence or on the people you are here to serve.

We want you to know that all you have ever wanted to know about angels will be revealed to you, in the Divine Perfect Timing and in the Divine Perfect Order.  The fact that you are here right now is a true sign from above that you are in the right place at the right time and you have found the right place for your enquiries.

We are deeply honoured by your presence and we are wanting to help you so much, so that your journey here on Earth will be so much easier and so much more productive and fruitful and more expedient.  We wish very much to help you and we are merely waiting for you to ask us, and to do so all you have to do is say Angels before your request and we will immediately begin to assist you with your request.

We pray that you will choose to take the next step of working with us, and that is to find the best teacher for you and learn from them.  We humbly wish to introduce you to  such a teacher and her name is Tania.  We would be honoured to work with you through her auspices and through her experience and we know that you will be a good fit for each other from the word go, but for now we will end our message here, and would love to speak with you again soon.

With much love, your loving angels ūüôā

Angelic guidance in my life

But first I want to share with you a little of my personal story about how angels have helped shape my life.

Back in 2002-2003 I began to learn about angels for the first time as I began to consciously follow my spiritual path.  At the time I was undertaking my training as a crystal therapist and decided to follow the path that was opening up in front of me and opened my own shop and healing room.

As I learned more about angels, and began to work with them myself, I got very strong guidance that I was here to teach about angels. ¬†I began to be asked at Mind, Body, Spirit workshops to do talks about angels and I started to share with people how the angels could help them, and they’d been helping me.

Then in 2004, the year I turned 40, things in my life began to go through a big change and I got scared. ¬†Very scared. ¬†So I turned away from this life that was opening up to me, because, well, to be honest, I couldn’t see how on earth I was going to earn a living at it.

You see, back then there wasn’t the ability to connect with people the way you can now. ¬†The internet was something that was being talked about, and some people had a website (I did actually have a website for my shop, but it wasn’t anything I really understood, so never made use of it properly) but very few people had the internet at home. ¬†And Facebook hadn’t been invented!

So I turned away from all this, and did my best to keep my head above water by using the ordinary business skills I had, and built a small bookkeeping practice called Paperwork Angel instead.

Fast forward to 2017, a brand new 1 year in numerology, and I *finally* began to start teaching about angels again. ¬†Between 2004 and 2016 I’d been working with my angels privately. ¬†I’d done a few readings here and there, but mostly I’d been working with my angels to rebuild my life.

Oops I did it again!

You see, my life fell apart again, this time in even more spectacular style in 2011-2012.  I lost everything, and I mean *everything*.  My home, my finances, my bookkeeping business, my marriage, the last of my children left home, even the job I loved that replaced my business.  I actually had to take legal action against the company that hired me.

So stressor followed stressor and knock back followed knock back. ¬†I broke. ¬†My mind couldn’t handle it, I’d reached the dark night of the soul.

This time though my angelic connection was stronger than it had been in 2004.  As a consequence, I listened to my angels more, and learned more, and started to discover that I could create tools and strategies that worked.  Ways in which I could rebuild myself and find out who I was without all the things that I thought I needed to create my identity.

Eventually the angels taught me¬†enough that I could start putting things down on video and on audio and in blog articles. ¬†And what’s more, other people could use those techniques and that information to make a difference in their lives too!

From the ashes of defeat grow the roses of success…

So I took the plunge and created The Angel Shaman Academy in January 2017 and the first students enrolled in February. ¬†Now it’s my life’s work to help more and more women learn to listen to and work with their angels, so that they can begin to develop and grow the life of their dreams.

Angels help us to create those dreams and turn them into reality.  Contrary to popular opinion, angels are essentially very practical beings.  Their soul purpose is to bring peace to Planet Earth, and they do that in a very straightforward way.

They work with each and every member of the human race to help them find their own sense of peace, however that looks to that person.

So if your sense of peace looks like

  • being an holistic therapist, your angels will help you find the right qualifications, clients, premises, offers and so on
  • being an amazing mum to wonderful children, your angels will help you to find out the answers to your questions about what¬†being a great mum means
  • healing yourself of a long term illness or chronic condition, your angels will guide you to the right professional help and the right soul therapy to heal on a spiritual level
  • having a good income level from your business or career, your angels will guide and shape your career and life purpose with you
  • finding a home that means the world to you, your angels will help you to track it down and then be able to live there easily and affordably
  • meeting the man of your dreams so that you can forge a relationship that nurtures you both and helps you both to grow, your angels will work in partnership with his angels to bring the two of you together, and to create a life of harmony together
  • finding a parking place, a safe place to cross a busy road, the perfect coffee shop for a quiet read and recharge, inspiration for your next meal, your angels will guide you perfectly all the way

These are just some of the ways in which angels can work with you to help you create a life you love.

Let’s demolish a few myths about angels

Now that you’ve had a flavour of what angels can do for you, let me share with you some of the things that angels are NOT:

  • They are not scary (they are here to love and protect you, so they would never do anything to scare you)
  • Waiting to catch you out if you make a mistake (angels don’t see “mistakes” only our human minds see them)
  • Going to tell you no if you ask them for help (unless you are trying to ask for something to be done in a specific way that is manipulative)
  • Judgemental of anything you may have done in the past (whatever you may have done, it’s shaped you into the wonderful person you are today)
  • Able to force you do something you don’t want to (this goes against the Law of Free Will)

And these are some of the things that angels ARE:

  • gentle
  • kind
  • loving
  • patient
  • safe to be around
  • peaceful
  • messengers from God and the Divine
  • helpful guides
  • bearers of prayers to Heaven
  • in communication with other angels
  • able to call on other spiritual beings for additional guidance and healing for you
  • waiting for you to ask for help
  • able to save your life if it’s not your time to go