Being Brave and Saying Yes!


You’re feeling excited.  You’re feeling scared.  You’re feeling like you’re on an express train heading west at full speed, and you’re holding on for dear life…

You need help and encouragement from other people who are also Being Brave and Saying Yes!  You need to *know* that it’s possible to change your life for the better by releasing everything that’s holding you back.  Usually with absolutely no guarantee that there is anything there to replace it!

And breathe… you’re in the right place, you’ve met the right tribe, you’ve found the right leader.

The tribe was founded on 31 July 2018 when I woke up several times in one night with the phrase Being Brave and Saying Yes! floating in my mind.  It wouldn’t leave me alone!  Within 24 hours, it had fully fledged into the most audacious thing I have ever been asked to do by my Spirit team.

I was asked to leave my home, pack everything into a motorhome (including the cat!) and spend a year travelling in service to The Goddess.  I was given an image of the perfect motorhome and within 6 hours I’d found it online.  4 days later I travelled to Nottingham, signed on the dotted line and that was it – my journey had begun.

It was made clear to me that I had to share this journey with others who are looking to radically change their life in some way.  I was to gather a tribe of women and men who are looking to serve the Goddess by answering the burning desires deep inside them, that are looking for ways to be birthed, expressed and shown the light of day.

I’m Tania Angelis and I’m an Angel Intuitive, a Shamanic Practitioner, Daughter of the Goddess, Crystal Healer, Earth Angel, Founder and Creator of Being Brave and Saying Yes!

I’ve named my motorhome Lakshmi, after the Hindu Goddess of prosperity, abundance and love – ok I asked what I should call her and that is who answered the call!

I’m going to live, work and play in my own home on four wheels – and share the adventure with you.  And all the while you’ll be sharing your adventures with me as well 😉

That is what Being Brave and Saying Yes! looks like right now for me.  For you it could be

  • Leaving a safe, secure job to start your own business
  • Healing a long standing health condition by natural means
  • Clearing your money fears out for good
  • Developing and deepening your spiritual journey
  • Travelling the world with a rucksack on your back
  • Changing direction completely
  • Going back to the land and creating a sustainable lifestyle for yourself and Mother Earth
  • Letting go of addiction to food, tv, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, drama, dodgy relationships, energy vampires
  • Saying no to drains on your time and energy
  • Building up your self esteem, one compliment at a time

Regardless of what it looks like, you’re in the best possible place you could be, right here, right now.

Come and join us – you won’t regret it (and neither will your bank balance!).  Just £10 (~ $15 US) per month will bring a wealth of love, support, advice, guidance and hell yeah!s your way.

In the group, each month you get to enjoy these amazing goodies:

😀  a weekly interview with someone who has made the leap and is still Being Brave and Saying Yes! to even more awesomeness in their life

😀 weekly training and guidance from me on a variety of topics to help inspire you to keep on Being Brave and Saying Yes!

😀 mini challenges to help you keep on pushing that comfort zone wider and further away

😀 a free Facebook group where you can ask questions, vent your feelings and help other people with your perspective on their situations

😀 Live video broadcasts from me from whichever location I happen to be staying in at the time!

Chances like this don’t come along very often, take full advantage of it.  I even offer a money back guarantee.

If you join the group, take part in the trainings, watch the interviews, participate in the mini challenges and still find that you’re no closer to being that big, brave, beautiful version of yourself that is being called upon to come out, you can have up to 3 months money back, depending on how long you’ve been a member for.

You can’t say fairer than that!

Click here to join today.