New Year, New Broom

So how is your year so far? Are you on target with the goals you set yourself? Is there room for improvement?

Having just read through the goals I set myself for the month, I can only see a couple that have actually been accomplished so far. And a couple of them won’t be achieved at all after my client had a contract cancelled so had to put our plans on hold.

One of the reasons that we don’t always achieve our goals is that we’re so surrounded by, or busy doing, “stuff” that we forget to make space for the new plans that we want to bring to fruition.

There needs to be space in our heads for new ways of thinking, for moments of inspiration and aha’s, for introducing new habits.

There needs to be space in our diaries for new clients, new places to show off our expertise or products, scheduled times for working towards our goals.

There needs to be space in our office for new equipment to arrive, for files and paperwork to be stored in an orderly fashion and for new clients to visit us.

There needs to be space on our computer for new files, new contacts and new software to help us improve our business and reach more people.

There needs to be space on our phones for friends, photos and family memories.

And it can seem an overwhelming task to create this space.

Funnily enough though, as you begin the task of clearing and making space, it’s amazing how quickly the Universe rewards you with new things.

When I brought my new phone online the other day, I couldn’t transfer my contacts across automatically because my old phone was so much older that the two systems wouldn’t talk to each other. So I had to manually move them across, which was time consuming.

However it offered me the chance to have a look at everyone listed on my phone and see if they are still involved in my life. I have to admit, for about a third of the people on my list of contacts, I looked at their names and thought to myself “Who?”

So needless to say those contacts haven’t been transferred to my new phone. Which has cleared some space and now two new friends have been added to my phone.

So what has this all got to do with goals? Well, all of this activity comes under the heading of decluttering.

Most people think of decluttering as being tidying up, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s a way of removing stuck and stagnant energy around your home. Energy that gets tied up in “stuff”.

And we get so used to the “stuff” that we actually stop seeing it after a while.

That pile of dirty washing you put to one side to put in the laundry bin later and 3 days later it’s still sitting there? That’s stagnant energy.

Those damaged skates belonging to your kids that you put in the shed when they were at primary school – except that now the kids are 15 and you still have those old broken skates taking up space? That’s stagnant energy.

Those minute droplets of mud on the paintwork that come from your dog having a good shake after a wet walk? That’s stagnant energy.

So if you need to change the energy in your life and create more flow, the very best thing you can do is… tidy up.

So while I have very little left in the way of physical clutter, as I’ve been getting rid of loads of old stuff recently, what I have got left to do is the deep cleaning of the house. Because once you have cleared the stuff away and can see the walls and floors again, you suddenly realise how much dust and dirt have accumulated as well!

So yesterday I cleaned my bathroom from ceiling to floor – and surprised myself with how dirty it actually was! The water was a deep shade of grey when I tipped it down the loo, but now I just want to linger in the bathroom because it feels so gloriously spacious in there! So clean and shiny. I just want to bask in it 🙂

And as I bask in my clean bathroom, I can visualise more easily and more clearly new clients heading my way, new opportunities reaching me, new ways to help people arriving. And I can already see the areas that will benefit next from the magic art of cleaning up 🙂



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