And then it was my turn!

Have you ever wanted something for a long time and it seemed like it was never going to happen for you?  And then, somehow, it did?  And while you were waiting for it to happen to you, it seemed to be happening for everyone else except you?  Yeah that just happened to me!

The Vision

For a long time I’ve had the image in my mind of being a teacher of angels, or maybe I should say about angels, a vision of one to many.  A vision where I had many students and people interested in what I have to say about angels and how I work with them.  A vision that I had long before I actually became an angel teacher, a vision that was there all through the time that I only had the courage to work with them for my own benefit.

And then over the past 48 hours that dream has suddenly come into reality.

The Bigger Picture

I have been wanting to uplevel my life in so many ways – in fact when I put my vision board for the year together in early January I realised that I wanted to expand EVERY area of my life.  My teaching.  My income.  My reach.  My home.  My finances.  My health.  My impact.  My spiritual transformation.

And I’ve done that!  Over the past six months each and every day I’ve done something to move myself towards that goal and then all of a sudden I’ve had a very clear sign, which is what I asked for.

Behind the scenes

I’ve been listening a lot to Esther Hicks and Abraham recently and I remember them saying to someone that when you have been saving up in your vibrational escrow and you come in total alignment with what you have been saving up, that it will come and it will come fast.

The Action I Took

So 2 days ago I put a post in a group that I’m a member of “Love Your Life in 30 Days” with Mike Dooley asking if anyone would be interested in a free 5 day course with me called How to Hear Your Angelic Guidance Clearly starting on Monday.

There are thousands of people in this group, and it’s very active with people posting, so my expectations were non-existent.   Admittedly I did use one of those pretty pink backgrounds full of hearts  : )

I posted it about 8.30pm in the evening and I very quickly got people commenting yes on the post.  So by the time I went to bed about 20 people had replied and I’d sent them the link.

I went to sleep with a smile on my face delighted with this response.

Holy Moly!  The Angels Delivered in Style

When I checked back in to Facebook the next morning around 11.30am I was dumbfounded.  Over 150 people had responded yes!  So I tagged them and sent them the links – in fact I tagged so many people I inadvertently got blocked from tagging by Facebook, because I didn’t realise that you could do such a thing!

Of the people who said yes more than half of them went on to sign up.  And over the course of the day more and more people said yes.  So within 24 hours more than 200 people responded positively and more than 100 signed up.

So I went to bed exhausted but happy as I welcomed them into my Facebook group ?

Could I do it Again?

Then I decided (through much inner resistance) to put the same post in another group and got the same response.  A part of me didn’t think the same thing could happen twice, but it did!

So now I have almost 100 people in my Facebook group and many more on my mailing list who are all ready and willing to hear what I have to say about angels!

What Went Before

For the longest time I’ve wanted to be able to post a message like this – to say that I’ve had a huge response to a post I’ve shared, and now it’s happened.

I’ve had so many things to do to get here, I’ve had to work on and release so many fears and so many beliefs and thought patterns that held me back and kept me small.

I’ve taken so many “wrong” turns and made so many “mistakes”.

Dream Come True

If you’d told me on Tuesday morning that this would happen I’d never have believed you.  But by the end of Wednesday my dream was beginning to materialise and by this morning it’s fully formed and here.

But without those “mistakes” I’d never have had the success I’ve now had.  So if you’re wanting a goal in your life and it seems like it’s far away, keep going and keep the faith.

Because you may wake up one morning and find it’s arrived ?

Much love


PS Here’s your chance to come and join the free challenge and find out what everyone else has been getting so excited about!

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