What do you do when you get what you’ve always wanted?

When you’ve been imagining something coming true in your mind, living as if it were real, refusing to see any other outcome than the one you can picture it HAS to come true.

When you consistently see in your mind’s eye a clear picture of how you want your life to look, and take baby steps and giant leaps forward towards that vision – it materialises right in front of you, when you least expect it.

But once it’s actually arrived what should you do?


Well, the first thing of course is to CELEBRATE!  Share your success with all and sundry, and especially with those people who supported you in your vision.  And to those who didn’t believe in you?  Celebrate harder ? it’ll really annoy them!

Once the celebrations are over, what then?

After the hangover has cleared…

Well that’s when the next lot of work needs to be done.  Because now you’ve got to change your vision slightly.  Now you’ve got to change your vision from creating it and receiving it, to KEEPING it.  And that requires a whole other mindset!

We’ve all heard the stories of lottery winners who become 7 figure wealthy overnight and then end up bankrupt and lost within a couple of years.  And that’s because they forgot one simple step.

They forgot to imagine keeping the money.

They imagined winning the lottery and they imagined going on a mad spending spree and imagined living a first class lifestyle.  But they didn’t imagine keeping the money.

Sudden success happened to me

I shared with you last Friday how I have had a sudden and unexpected success for my free 5 day challenge.  For many years I have imagined posting something on Facebook that goes viral and suddenly everybody responds to it.  And that happened to me – twice in two days!

And it’s done something very interesting – it’s helped to bring up lots of my hidden fears to the surface.  It’s helped me see that now that what I’ve always wanted is here, my next job is to step up, expand and grow to become the woman who keeps this amazing success.

Imagination is key

I’ve imagined myself teaching people about angels for a very long time, and a few weeks ago I changed my website tagline to Angel Teacher.  I’ve been introducing myself in Facebook groups as an Angel Teacher and one of the pictures on my vision board for this year has the word Teach in it!

I’ve been living as if I am who I see in my mind, even though the “reality” around me didn’t reflect that.  Right up to the point where it did.  Where “reality” shifted and changed and became the reality that I was seeing in my mind’s eye – where what was on the inside materialised on the outside.  TBT as Mike Dooley says – Thoughts Become Things.

The flip side of the coin

So what are the fears that have come up for me?

  • Be careful what you wish for – it may come true (and bring with it negative consequences)
  • Being criticised
  • Being taken advantage of by freeloaders
  • Having to adjust how I spend my time (no more long lasting coffee dates for me…)
  • Being disrespected

How to fix this

And each time one of these little thought pattern trains has come up in my mind I’ve done what my angels have taught me – I’ve released them and healed them.  And this is how I do it:

  1. I notice the train of thought and stop it in its tracks
  2. I give thanks to my subconscious for bringing it to my attention
  3. I call in my angels
  4. I realise that this thought was created by myself in the past when I was younger and more immature and inexperienced. I also realise that it was created with the intention of protecting me from being hurt
  5. I immediately send love, compassion, healing and acceptance to that wounded part of myself
  6. I then offer myself forgiveness and love
  7. I ask my angels to clear me of that thought pattern and release all the pent up emotions that accompany that thought pattern to my angels for healing
  8. Take a deep breath in and hold it briefly to anchor in the new feelings of love and acceptance then breathe it out.

It’s up to you now

So, if you want something to materialise in your life, keep holding the vision of what it will look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, sound like and what it will mean to you to experience it.  Ask your angels to hold that vision with you and to help you intuit the next right step that will lead you towards that vision.

And take that step

It really doesn’t matter what that step is, and for around 99% of the time, the step that you take will have no direct effect on the outcome that you are looking to achieve.

You’ll be off course for 99% of the time

Just as when you programme your sat nav to take you to a certain place, for 99% of the time you’re not there, but slowly and surely every right turn, roundabout, traffic light and left turn gets you to where you want to go.

It’s only that very last turn that means you’ve arrived.  Every other turn on the journey got you closer to your destination, but it didn’t get you the result you wanted.  It was just another step on the journey.

You have arrived at your destination

And then when you arrive, you have to take the time to imagine keeping what you’ve dreamed so long of creating.  And the only way to do that is to keep on working on your mindset, keep on releasing the fears as they arise and keep on holding the faith.

And last but by no means least….dream of more.

Much love

Tania x

PS  I had such a great time last night sharing how to use Oracle and Tarot cards in Day 1 of my 5 Day Challenge – how to hear your angelic guidance clearly.  The video is still there for replays, so do come and join in the fun!  The Facebook group has got nearly 200 members now, so there’s lots of other angel loving people for you to get to know ? Click here to come and join the fun ?

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