We hear many of you asking for, and talking about, abundance.  We hear your repeated affirmations and hear you talking to others about it, but we can sense that not many of you truly understand what abundance is, how it works and how you can experience it.

Abundance is the ultimate gift from your Creator.  Abundance is how you came into being.  The Creator thought that it would like to experience itself in yet another unique way and thought about it.  You were the result of that thought.

And since there is no limit to the number of thoughts that *you* can think, and certainly no limit in the Creator’s mind about the number of thoughts that *it* thinks, there is an infinite number of souls who have come into being.

The true nature of abundance

Abundance is what has created all of time and space.  The unlimited number of stars in your galaxies and solar systems are evidence of the abundant nature of the Creator’s heart.

The infinite number of species on your planet is another piece of evidence as to what abundance really means.  Yes, there is an infinite number of species and simply because your scientists have yet to catalogue every living species, does not mean that there is a limited or finite number of species.

Many species on your planet have not been discovered because your human evolutionary vibration is not yet at the same level of vibrations as those species.

This is why you hear stories of plants, animals, birds, insects, viruses, bacteria and other forms of life being discovered for the first time.  It is why your scientists are on a constant quest for understanding what is happening in your world and never reaching the end of that quest.

out with the old, in with the new

You will recall that once upon a time people had a belief that the world was flat and you’d fall off the edge.  Or that it was impossible for a human being to run a mile in under 4 minutes.   The reason these stories now seem unbelievable is because a tiny few of your species decided to think differently to the majority and in so doing, proved that the old beliefs were fallacies.

This can cause deep ructions in your societies as old knowledge and new understandings have to come into alignment with each other, and one has to give way to the other.  This is why, relatively speaking, so few of you have truly understood what abundance is.

Many of you believe that abundance only relates to money, when in fact abundance relates to every part of your life.  There is an abundance of time, energy, emotions, love, money, opportunities, food, water and knowledge.

talk of lack in times of abundance

However so many of you talk of these things as if there is a lack of them, and this energy permeates much of what you do when you talk of abundance.  Many people talk of abundance in an effort to gloss over their deep inner feelings of lack and insecurity.

Many of you wrongly believe that if you had an abundance of time or money or houses or cars or clothes or jobs or health that everything in your life would run smoothly and there would be no conflict, pain or fear.

You are seeking to place on external things the security that you “need” in your life.

material things will not protect you

Instead we want you to realise that by placing your beliefs on external things to quiet the internal strife you are feeling, that you are blocking the very things that you seek.

External things, by their very nature, can be taken away through the actions of others or in a kaleidoscope of circumstances beyond your control.  Economic disasters, natural disasters, relationship breakdown, loss of a loved one, a physical health condition – all of these things can cause you to feel a lack of security in your life.

place your faith in the unseen

What we would urge you all to do, to increase your feelings of abundance, because really abundance IS a feeling, and not a physical state, is to place your desire for safety and security squarely on the shoulders of the Creator.

By placing your trust, hope, faith and knowingness into the realm of the unseen, you open the doors to the unseen becoming seen.

In other words, by placing your desires for increases in your money, health, relationships, status, home situation, family harmony, career progression and life purpose into the hands of the Creator through us angels, you will immediately witness the desires you seek coming into your life.

All you have to do is start looking for evidence of their *presence*, not their *absence*.

Abundance isn’t really so very far away from you.

It is only ever a thought and a belief away.

When you place your thoughts and beliefs on what you desire, and let go of the habit of thinking about what is “really” happening in your life, your life will improve in so many ways that you really won’t be able to measure them!

And, as always, we angels are here to help you do just that.

Call upon our help frequently, so that you can start to experience the miracles of life, because miracles really do happen and dreams really do come true.

Much love

Your angels


Lovingly channelled by Tania Angelis 26-7-17

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