From Skanksville to Swanksville in one graceful move

In January 2013 I moved into a house in an area that I never in a million years thought I’d ever end up living in.

This was the culmination of 18 months of hell where I’d lost my marriage, my home, my business, my money, the job I’d got to replace my business and ultimately, I lost my mind and sank into a deep pit of depression from which I almost didn’t climb out.


The area is notorious in my city and people who live there regularly feature in the newspapers with stories of drugs, violence and gang activity.

In fact at the end of July, just before I moved, one of my neighbours was brutally attacked in his own home and his car stolen.  He put his house up for sale the following week.

To say I was shocked was an understatement, but sadly I wasn’t surprised.  It did do one thing for me though – it confirmed that leaving that area was absolutely the right thing for me to do.

That time period wasn’t all bad

There were some good things that happened for me in this time – my daughter’s wedding, the births of my grandchildren and me finally admitting to the world that I’m an angel teacher ?

Another house move

Fast forward to 8 August 2017 and I was moving house again.  This time it was the culmination of 4 months of complete transformation from the inside out where I turned into a completely different person.

I turned into someone who was able to move from Skanksville to Swanksville in one graceful move.

How did I do it?

Yes I’d completely upgraded everything about myself over an intense period of 4 months.   From when I’d made the decision that I was going to move back to my home town and settle there to be close to my daughter and granddaughters and to be part of their lives on a very regular basis, without it being a big hassle on everyone’s part to meet up.

In many ways, the last 4 months have been a bit of a blur because I threw *everything* I had at this decision.  I stripped out of my mind any other goal than this single one, and as I moved towards it, I followed the trail of breadcrumbs laid out for me by my angels.

Throw everything at it!

I did every kind of healing work that I could on myself.  I visualised my goal coming true.  I meditated.  I released every single negative thought pattern that showed up in my mind.

Every time I visited my home town I envisaged coming home to my own home there, even though it took a while before I found the right house.

I took up challenges that other people offered.  I ran challenges of my own.  I learned how to increase my faith.  I worked on trusting myself and the angels.   I worked on building up my receptivity muscles.  I opened my mind to abundance.

I listened to every guided meditation I own, including my own.  I talked to my angels constantly.  I asked for their help with every part of the move.  I filled my mind with as much positivity as I could.

Other people benefitted too

I taught as much as I could.  I created new offerings, new price points and new ways of working with me to my clients and community.  I talked about the move as if it was real, even when up to the week before I was due to move there was virtually no concrete signs that I would be able to afford to move.

It wasn’t all plain sailing…

I overcame all the obstacles that appeared and learned how to stay calm and optimistic even when the signs around me appeared to be pointing towards failure.  I boosted my self esteem, my self confidence and my self worth.

I learned all the spiritual lessons that were laid out for me.  I forgave myself for my past mistakes and released tons of old resentments, guilts and angers towards other people.  I opened my heart, I cleared my chakras, I found ways to move my body to shift stagnant energy.

I shared my journey, I took photos, I wrote articles and I generally did everything I could to show others that they too, could do this.

What happened next was quite surprising really

And as I did this, I got more and more uncomfortable living in that house in Skanksville.  I began to feel the negative energies around me more and more, I could feel the constant tension in the air, see more and more signs of crime and criminality.

Things that I’d not exactly turned a blind eye to while I was living there, more that I accepted as being part of the territory because I had no choice but to live there.

The REAL lesson

You see what I ultimately learned was quite straightforward.

I learned that I’d ended up living there for so long because I didn’t believe that I deserved to live anywhere else.  I didn’t believe that I was good enough to live somewhere nice.  I didn’t believe that I would fit in anywhere else.

In the end, the move was almost incidental.

Because in my mind, I’d been living in Swanksville for quite some time, and so under the Law of Attraction, what I saw, thought and vibrated on the inside, HAD to be reflected on the outside.

As I arrived at my new home and collected the keys and began the task of finding places for everything, I felt as if I’d been living there for months already.

Because, in my mind, I’d moved there a LONG time ago.

What’s next?

And now that I’m settled in the house, I have a few more periods of transformation to undertake as I continue to grow into a woman who doesn’t just deserve to move in to Swanksville, but who deserves to live there for a loooonnnng time to come.

What dream are you going to manifest that will quite literally change your life?

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