A gardener’s job…

A gardener’s job is not to grow plants. A gardener’s job is to take care of the soil. When you take care of the soil, the plants take care of themselves.

When you take care of the soil, you ensure that there is plenty of organic matter in there (leaves, humus compost) so that the earth worms, woodlice and other small creatures can break them down and make all the nutrients available to the roots of the plants.

Not enough of one thing or too much of another and you have sick plants that are liable to be attacked by whitefly, aphids and the like.

Too much sun or rain, or not enough of either also lead to unhealthy plants.

Similarly, the work of a teacher or coach is to provide the ideal growing conditions for their clients. Help them learn tools and techniques that will enable them to grow as human beings. To thrive under conditions that would cause many others to curl up and wilt.

I help women to find themselves and unbury their dreams, so they can live a life they only once dreamed of. I help them find the soil that’s hidden under the weeds and brambles of negative thought patterns, listening to naysayers and not believing their voice matters.

I help them find, listen to and develop a deep relationship with that still, small voice of wisdom within, so that they can blossom and bloom like daffodils in spring.

I have space opening up for new private clients now. I don’t do programmes or 7 steps to this or 3 ways to that. Each session is unique, like each client. I work intuitively with each client, so that it fits their needs exactly.

You’ve read my posts, seen that I follow my inner guidance and the kind of results it gets for me. You’ve seen how I have changed my life on numerous occasions, and that it hasn’t been easy (yes, I share the good, the bad, the indifferent).

You can have all this too. Just PM me and we can set up a call together and work out a way that will work for both of us.

Much love

Tania x

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