Angel card readings

Just after I started my Being Brave and Saying Yes! journey, I was contacted out of the blue by a lady who is a member of a group that I used to belong to. I had no idea my name was even still listed on their website! She interviewed me about my life with angels and I channelled a message for the group from Archangel Michael.

As a result of that, 10 people have now joined my email list  and 3 people booked and paid for an angel card reading with me.

I love doing angel card readings and before I said yes to this big journey, I relied on the cards totally for the message. Yes, I heard the whisperings of the angels as I studied the cards which I passed on, and I always felt that the messages could be deeper, more accurate, more detailed, more powerful.

Well now they are! Because I have taken this extraordinary leap of faith, my psychic and spiritual gifts have unfolded and opened up exponentially. Now the cards are the opening line – I just say what the card is and show it to my client. Then something amazing happens – the message that is needed just takes over and pours through me at 100 miles an hour (or so it seems!).

Now I’m getting testimonials like these:

Your presence was amazing, as well as the clarity of your reading. Thank you. Spot on – Katrina Plato

If you’d like to book an angel card reading with me, just send me a PM and I will send you a link to my calendar 😊

Much love

Tania x

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