Washing Your Doubts Down the Drain!

It starts off as a whisper. Then it gets a little louder, a little more persistent. It gets more frequent. It gets Louder. And LOUDer. And LOUDERRRRRRR.

You can’t do this it says. It’s too much. It’s overwhelming. You’re not good enough. You’ll never be accepted here. You’re too inexperienced. You’re not worthy of being loved. They’ll never be nice to you. You’re not good enough. YADA, YADA, YADA.

When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you awaken those deep slumbering fears that are the gateway to growth. You’re moving into unknown territory, and this can awaken those feelings of insecurity – yep the ones you thought you’d dealt with long ago!

They awaken because YOU are awakening. You are accessing the greater part of you. The you that is FEARLESS. The you that doesn’t take no for an answer. The you that is ready to forge new pathways. To boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before as Captain Kirk would say 😉

Now the easy thing is to give in to those loud shouty voices, and slink back to your smaller self. Except that in the long run, it isn’t easy. Because you’ll have to face them all. over. again. So best to get it out the way.

And yes, this is exactly what’s been happening for me the last few days. And in the middle of it, unexpectedly, a friend sent me a message about something else and ended it with the words “How are you hun?”

And I just blurted it all out – something that I rarely do! I normally put on that happy smiley face, and gloss over the very real inner struggles. And you know what, she was wonderful. She asked some more questions – the most important of which was “Is this a ‘I’ve made a huge mistake and am going to give it all up’ or is it a temporary ‘whoa, things are tougher than I expected’”

I knew immediately it was a temporary thing, and that I just needed to work my way through it. Which I now have, and I knew that I had tools and techniques at my fingertips to help me. After all, this is what I teach!

And do you know the tool that helped me the most? The one that finally helped me to come back to centre? I’ll bet you’ll be saying ooo EFT. Or Reiki. Or angel healing. Or, or, or.

Yes I *do* do all those things, and yes I did them. And yes they helped to move things along a little.

But the big humdinger that worked?

A long hot shower.

Yes – self care. Aka self love.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson here – when things are getting really tough mentally, step off the shouty inner treadmill and get some physical care. My next cure will be a treat I haven’t had in a long time – a full body massage.

What tools do you find help you through tough mental challenges?

Much love

Tania x

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