The Angel Shaman Academy

Are you curious about angels?  Are you wondering how to connect with your angels?  Do you find that they seem to be appearing in your life and you don’t really know why?

Then relax, because you’re in the right place 🙂

In fact, the angels want to say something to you right now:

A very warm welcome to this special place.  We are delighted to welcome you to the Academy where you will find lots of wonderful ways in which you can learn to connect with us angels.  We have worked very hard with your hostess Tania to make the videos and audios and other materials as easy for you to understand as possible and to make the messages we have for you clear and easy to comprehend.  We want you to know that we are pouring our love and light on to you and all your fellow  human beings, and especially those of you called to work with us angels.

We are delighted to be of service to so many people and to see that the word of our arrival on this planet is getting out there and that people just like you are responding all the while.  In the Academy which Tania was inspired to create with our help, we have placed a very high vibrational energy and we know that you will benefit greatly from not only the material in the Academy but also from the community of like minded souls who are also journeying through the Academy together.  We are waiting and wanting to work with you all individually and collectively because we know that as one person Awakens so they too can Awaken others.

And it is our deepest wish and desire that as many people as possible on  Planet Earth Awaken to the amazingness that they are embodying and that their gifts and knowledge and wisdom are very much needed in these challenging times of paradigm shift.  So we hope and pray that you will answer the call today to come and join this wonderful community and rest assured that we will help you to get the money that you need to join.

We have worked with Tania and want to keep the price as low as possible so that as many people as possible are able to answer the call and do not have to say no on the basis of cost.  We are very sure that you will benefit greatly and we are holding you in great love and regard.

With much love, your angels 🙂

Now I’ll show you round the Academy a bit more, and to get a sense of the type of people you’ll be working with.  So a few thoughts to get your creative juices flowing.

Where you are now

If you’re like your fellow Academy students, you’ll say yes to things like this:

  • You are consciously walking your spiritual path
  • You are drawn to crystals, angels, fairies, healing paths, herbs and energy work
  • You run your own business and do so from a place of high vibration, soul alignment and intuitive insights
  • You know that you have great potential inside of you and have begun the work of releasing that potential
  • You want to know more about yourself
  • You are aware of thought patterns and behaviours that are holding you back, and have made efforts to let them go
  • Angels and references to angels appear regularly around you, even though you don’t always completely understand it

All of which mean that now you’ve begun to intentionally find out more about angels and your hidden intuitive and psychic skills.

What you have been noticing recently

You will no doubt have also become aware of things like this:

  • Your intuition seems to be sharpening and becoming more accurate
  • You hear a high pitched ringing in one ear that no one else seems to notice
  • You hear bells, harps or other sweet music
  • You see white feathers in unexpected places
  • You find silver coins on the street or around your home
  • You sense a warm loving feeling around you, especially if you’re feeling vulnerable in some way
  • Unexplained coincidences happen
  • You get the perfect answer to a question you asked yourself
  • Things just seem to flow better than they used to
  • You feel like someone’s listening when you pray or ask for help in some way
  • You notice lots of posts or articles about angels, intuition or spirituality

Well I’m glad to tell you, that these are all signs that your angels are around you, and starting to get your attention!

My story

Tania AngelisMy name is Tania Angelis, and I’m so delighted that you’re interested in angels and finding out more about The Angel Shaman Academy, including how to join 😉

I’ve worked with angels since 2002, but long before I became aware of them, they were working with me, guiding me on my spiritual path.   They led me to some wonderful teachers along my path, and now after working intensively with the angels, it’s my turn to become a teacher too!

The Academy is where I’m pouring my heart and soul – all the tips and techniques that I’ve learned from the angels during my spiritual journey will find their way here.  And whenever I learn a new one, work with it, find out the kind of results it can generate, I’ll be putting it in there for you to learn too.

I believe in teaching people how to use the techniques I’ve learned for themselves, so that they can see, feel and experience first hand how powerful these angelically guided trainings really are.

As the saying goes

give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he can feed himself for life

So if you have ever wanted to learn how to clearly hear your angels’ messages yourself, then the Academy is perfect for you.

Here you will learn things like

  • how to communicate with your angels
  • how to see signs of angels around you
  • how to use oracle or angel tarot cards for clear guidance
  • how to work with the phases of the moon
  • how to work with crystals
  • understanding the different vibrations and meanings of number patterns
  • how to work with mythical animals such as dragons and unicorns
  • how to meditate
  • the power of prayer
  • how to set and achieve goals
  • how to find out your life purpose and express it in the world
  • how to let go of limiting beliefs about yourself, money, relationships, spirituality, life purpose, health, and many more

I’ve learned all these things and more besides over the past 19 or so years as I’ve consciously walked my spiritual path.  Working with angels has been at the core of all that I’ve done in my life since 1998 when I began to intentionally look for the way to access what I intuitively knew to be true – that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

Where the name came from

And you’re probably wondering why it’s called The Angel Shaman Academy.  This was a name gifted to me by the angels in a meditation.  A shaman is the person that communities turn to for guidance, healing and to learn how to be a better version of themselves.

Traditionally a shaman will help people to find the answers to their problems, by undertaking spiritual journeys for them, so that they can clearly hear the messages from the Divine and then undertake the actions that are needed to heal a situation or life circumstance.

By taking things up to the angels, this shamanic journeying is done at an even higher level and through the Academy, you can learn for yourself how to do the journeying with your own angels.

Your angels love you deeply and have no desire to upset you or frighten you in any way, so they will find the most gentle ways they can to help you, so that you can learn to trust both them and your ability to understand what they are saying and why.

And so now that you know and understand this, I can invite you come and join the Academy and get to know the other members of this wonderful community.

Community and Companionship

Because yes, there is a lovely growing community of women just like you who are also going through the wonderful journey of getting to know, love and trust their angels too!

So having read this far, I’m sure you’d love to find out what the Academy is and what you can find in there 🙂

The Academy is filling up with wonderful things (I add more content each month for you, so there’s always something fresh for you to discover and learn!) and you can find:

  • Video courses teaching you all about how to connect with your angels, work with the moon, use angelic healing techniques, and more besides
  • Guided meditations to meet your guardian angels, different Archangels, and visit angelic healing temples
  • Workbooks and journals to record your angelic experiences and deepen your understanding of the courses you have undertaken
  • A private Facebook group to share your experiences with other people where we all connect with each other and only other group members can see what you post, thus giving you a safe space where you can ask questions, share your angel experiences or just post lovely images that resonate with you 🙂
  • Access to all my Facebook live videos (which I do when I get guidance to share something that will help you even more).

Plus…A very special bonus for anyone who joins the Academy before June 2017

  • Complimentary access to my online course Tapping Away Your Money Blues which will help you let go of any fears or worries you have about the topic of money (especially as it relates to spirituality and working holistically).  Plus you’ll be introduced to one of my favourite healing modalities – EFT Tapping 😀

And now you’re all the way down here, you’re wondering three things –

1) How do I join the Academy?

Click the “Join Academy” image below

2) How much it is to join the Academy?


3) How long does my membership last?

One year, aka 12 months

Yes that’s right – I’ll repeat it…

£288 for a whole year’s membership.

And why that price?  Well numbers have a special significance in the world, they have a particular vibration and many of them have a specific meaning.  And the meaning of the number 288 is this:

Your faith and affirmations have created waves and waves of abundance.  Enjoy this blessing and stay positive 🙂

Isn’t that just beautiful?

And if that isn’t yet another reason to come and join the Academy, I don’t know what is!

Click on the angel and  through the wonders of the interweb, you can join the Academy straightaway 🙂

Join Academy

And yes, there are payment plans* available as well!

You can choose to pay in 3 equal monthly instalments of £96 each or you can choose 12 monthly payments of £28.

When you click on this link you’ll see them for yourself

Much love

Tania x

PS Here’s a quick summary of the Academy again:

  • Content delivered instantly via video and audio on a members only website
  • A private Facebook group to get to know other angel loving women
  • Access to me to have all your questions answered
  • Fresh content added monthly for you dive into and learn even more about angels and spirituality
  • Free access to Tapping Away Your Money Blues as a bonus (you’ll pay £197 for this course by itself)
  • Opportunities to be the first to know about new courses I’ll be running

And remember it’s just £288 for a whole year’s membership

And did I mention there are payment plans?!*

Much love

Tania x

*  If you choose a payment plan option, you will have to use your Paypal account.  If you choose the pay-in-one-go option, you don’t need a Paypal account.