A gardener’s job…

A gardener’s job is not to grow plants. A gardener’s job is to take care of the soil. When you take care of the soil, the plants take care of themselves.

When you take care of the soil, you ensure that there is plenty of organic matter in there (leaves, humus compost) so that the earth worms, woodlice and other small creatures can break them down and make all the nutrients available to the roots of the plants.

Not enough of one thing or too much of another and you have sick plants that are liable to be attacked by whitefly, aphids and the like.

Too much sun or rain, or not enough of either also lead to unhealthy plants.

Similarly, the work of a teacher or coach is to provide the ideal growing conditions for their clients. Help them learn tools and techniques that will enable them to grow as human beings. To thrive under conditions that would cause many others to curl up and wilt.

I help women to find themselves and unbury their dreams, so they can live a life they only once dreamed of. I help them find the soil that’s hidden under the weeds and brambles of negative thought patterns, listening to naysayers and not believing their voice matters.

I help them find, listen to and develop a deep relationship with that still, small voice of wisdom within, so that they can blossom and bloom like daffodils in spring.

I have space opening up for new private clients now. I don’t do programmes or 7 steps to this or 3 ways to that. Each session is unique, like each client. I work intuitively with each client, so that it fits their needs exactly.

You’ve read my posts, seen that I follow my inner guidance and the kind of results it gets for me. You’ve seen how I have changed my life on numerous occasions, and that it hasn’t been easy (yes, I share the good, the bad, the indifferent).

You can have all this too. Just PM me and we can set up a call together and work out a way that will work for both of us.

Much love

Tania x

Washing Your Doubts Down the Drain!

It starts off as a whisper. Then it gets a little louder, a little more persistent. It gets more frequent. It gets Louder. And LOUDer. And LOUDERRRRRRR.

You can’t do this it says. It’s too much. It’s overwhelming. You’re not good enough. You’ll never be accepted here. You’re too inexperienced. You’re not worthy of being loved. They’ll never be nice to you. You’re not good enough. YADA, YADA, YADA.

When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you awaken those deep slumbering fears that are the gateway to growth. You’re moving into unknown territory, and this can awaken those feelings of insecurity – yep the ones you thought you’d dealt with long ago!

They awaken because YOU are awakening. You are accessing the greater part of you. The you that is FEARLESS. The you that doesn’t take no for an answer. The you that is ready to forge new pathways. To boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before as Captain Kirk would say 😉

Now the easy thing is to give in to those loud shouty voices, and slink back to your smaller self. Except that in the long run, it isn’t easy. Because you’ll have to face them all. over. again. So best to get it out the way.

And yes, this is exactly what’s been happening for me the last few days. And in the middle of it, unexpectedly, a friend sent me a message about something else and ended it with the words “How are you hun?”

And I just blurted it all out – something that I rarely do! I normally put on that happy smiley face, and gloss over the very real inner struggles. And you know what, she was wonderful. She asked some more questions – the most important of which was “Is this a ‘I’ve made a huge mistake and am going to give it all up’ or is it a temporary ‘whoa, things are tougher than I expected’”

I knew immediately it was a temporary thing, and that I just needed to work my way through it. Which I now have, and I knew that I had tools and techniques at my fingertips to help me. After all, this is what I teach!

And do you know the tool that helped me the most? The one that finally helped me to come back to centre? I’ll bet you’ll be saying ooo EFT. Or Reiki. Or angel healing. Or, or, or.

Yes I *do* do all those things, and yes I did them. And yes they helped to move things along a little.

But the big humdinger that worked?

A long hot shower.

Yes – self care. Aka self love.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson here – when things are getting really tough mentally, step off the shouty inner treadmill and get some physical care. My next cure will be a treat I haven’t had in a long time – a full body massage.

What tools do you find help you through tough mental challenges?

Much love

Tania x

Angel card readings

Just after I started my Being Brave and Saying Yes! journey, I was contacted out of the blue by a lady who is a member of a group that I used to belong to. I had no idea my name was even still listed on their website! She interviewed me about my life with angels and I channelled a message for the group from Archangel Michael.

As a result of that, 10 people have now joined my email list  and 3 people booked and paid for an angel card reading with me.

I love doing angel card readings and before I said yes to this big journey, I relied on the cards totally for the message. Yes, I heard the whisperings of the angels as I studied the cards which I passed on, and I always felt that the messages could be deeper, more accurate, more detailed, more powerful.

Well now they are! Because I have taken this extraordinary leap of faith, my psychic and spiritual gifts have unfolded and opened up exponentially. Now the cards are the opening line – I just say what the card is and show it to my client. Then something amazing happens – the message that is needed just takes over and pours through me at 100 miles an hour (or so it seems!).

Now I’m getting testimonials like these:

Your presence was amazing, as well as the clarity of your reading. Thank you. Spot on – Katrina Plato

If you’d like to book an angel card reading with me, just send me a PM and I will send you a link to my calendar 😊

Much love

Tania x

Reflections on the word “Work”

Hearing Your Angelic Guidance

What does the word work conjure up for you?  Is it a feeling of excitement?  A sense that you’re about to do something amazing?  A gosh-just-can’t-get-enough-of-what-I-do series of thoughts?

Or does it bring with it a heavy, burdensome sense of obligation?  A feeling of giving and not receiving?  A sense of being taken advantage of?

A feeling of heaviness came over me

Earlier today after my morning walk, I thought to myself, right better get some work done.  And a feeling of heaviness came over me.  Oh-oh I realised, that doesn’t feel right.  I need to reframe that!

I went over in my mind what the word work meant to me, and I felt this real sense that when I talked about work to myself, it was all about having to do things that I didn’t want to do, in a place I didn’t want to be, for people I didn’t want to be around – all so that I could earn (not enough) money.

Wowzers – what a bundle of confusing, counteractive, unconstructive thought patterns!  Not unusual for us humans.

I bundled up those feelings, called in my angels and said “I choose to release that”.  And a great weight lifted from my shoulders – aahhh!

Reframe time!

I decided that I would remove the word “work” from my vocabulary.  Instead I’m now calling it “talent channelling”.  In doing that, it opens up the possibilities that I can use any or all of my many talents and skills.  Instead of getting that feeling of heaviness, I can now sense endless possibilities.

Which means that when I spend time writing or creating social media strategies or networking or talking to fellow collaborators or sorting out websites or recording videos or sharing knowledge and wisdom or any of a million other ways to channel my talents, is merely how I choose to express myself at that time.

  • It takes a great pressure off those talents to create income for me in the form of the equation talent + time = financial reward
  • It leaves me free to decide which talent, and in what form, is needed in the moment
  • It frees money up to come to me in lots of ways, including through my talents
  • It takes away those feelings of heaviness and obligation.  A much better outcome!

Have your say

What do you think of when you say the word work?  I’d love to know!

So what DO you do next?!

Since I manifested my lovely new home, I’ve been in a bit of a slump.  It’s not surprising really, as all my energy up to that time had been focused on creating the house and changing myself into someone who had that house.

Now that I’ve got it, I’ve been in a bit of a reflective phase, because, let’s face it, after such a big manifestation, I need to work out what to manifest next!!

I also wanted to spend some time just basking in my enjoyment of my home, and creating new routines that would enable me to do just that.  I don’t want to spend ALL my time cleaning and doing busywork around the place!

Time for a change round!

And it’s been hard in many ways to move forwards.  It’s the pull back after the big wave thunders up the beach!!

The run up to full moon was particularly difficult for me this time as well – I found myself almost immune to its effects in August but the September one has been, well, interesting shall we say?!

I asked my angels to help…

In an effort to break out of my self created slump, I’ve been working with doing something a little bit different – I’ve been doing some brain storming and blue sky thinking, and in doing so have asked myself a series of questions.

The great thing that happens when you ask yourself a question is that you feel duty bound to answer it.  When you put that ? sign at the end of a series of words, it immediately causes you to switch brain modes.  You go from being in “problem” mode to being in “solution” mode.

How your brain finds answers

When you ask yourself a question, your brain goes through its archives of experiences, its memories and its associations.  And slowly and surely, answers begin to come, and things begin flowing.

When I was in the corporate/business world, one of the things that I enjoyed doing, both as a participant and as a facilitator was putting things on large sheets of paper and then hanging them on the walls and watching as confusion gave way to clarity.

Necessity is the mother of invention

I don’t have any flip charts at home, but I do have a large white wall in my kitchen, which I’ve turned into a temporary flip chart.  I’ve taken lots of small pieces of paper and asked a single question on each one.

Each question is connected to the next and so a series of answers that can answer my dilemmas, questions and allay my fears can appear.

I felt, though that there was something missing from the exercise.

And then when I read an email from Danielle LaPorte, the missing piece slotted into place.

Lightbulb moment

I’d been focusing on actions and thoughts and I’d missed out the most important thing of all.


We are all creatures of our emotions, even if we try and think and believe otherwise.  In fact, much of my spiritual development over the past 15 or so years has been focused on learning to be aware of my emotions, so that they can’t hide away and then trip me up later, when I least expect it!

Femininity rules!

I’ve been so tuned in to the masculine way of doing things ie focusing on the motions and not the E-motions that I’d left out the most important thing of all.  Because when it comes to goal setting, all my previous teachers were men, and so I learned how to de-emotionalise things.

But, and it’s a big BUT, how we feel at any one moment determines our actions.  If we are feeling angry we are likely to take actions that we may regret later or that can result in someone being hurt, either emotionally or physically.

Equally if we are feeling happy and joyous, we will take actions that will share that joy and happiness with others, and that will keep the good vibes going.

You can take the girl out of teaching…

And as I’ve found these questions to be really helpful in clearing the path and creating some concrete ways to help myself feel good again, I’m going to do what I always do – and share them with you!

So starting today in my Angels in Training Facebook group, I’m going to be sharing those questions over the next 7/8 days so that others can also work with them.

It’s going to be a part journalling, part group contribution sharing, and I know that this will help you to move forwards and create some plans for yourself, plans that will ensure 2017 ends well 😊

So come and join the fun in the group, and let’s all get some traction going on this!

Much love

Tania x

Free meditation

From Skanksville to Swanksville in one graceful move

From Skanksville to Swanksville

In January 2013 I moved into a house in an area that I never in a million years thought I’d ever end up living in.

This was the culmination of 18 months of hell where I’d lost my marriage, my home, my business, my money, the job I’d got to replace my business and ultimately, I lost my mind and sank into a deep pit of depression from which I almost didn’t climb out.


The area is notorious in my city and people who live there regularly feature in the newspapers with stories of drugs, violence and gang activity.

In fact at the end of July, just before I moved, one of my neighbours was brutally attacked in his own home and his car stolen.  He put his house up for sale the following week.

To say I was shocked was an understatement, but sadly I wasn’t surprised.  It did do one thing for me though – it confirmed that leaving that area was absolutely the right thing for me to do.

That time period wasn’t all bad

There were some good things that happened for me in this time – my daughter’s wedding, the births of my grandchildren and me finally admitting to the world that I’m an angel teacher ?

Another house move

Fast forward to 8 August 2017 and I was moving house again.  This time it was the culmination of 4 months of complete transformation from the inside out where I turned into a completely different person.

I turned into someone who was able to move from Skanksville to Swanksville in one graceful move.

How did I do it?

Yes I’d completely upgraded everything about myself over an intense period of 4 months.   From when I’d made the decision that I was going to move back to my home town and settle there to be close to my daughter and granddaughters and to be part of their lives on a very regular basis, without it being a big hassle on everyone’s part to meet up.

In many ways, the last 4 months have been a bit of a blur because I threw *everything* I had at this decision.  I stripped out of my mind any other goal than this single one, and as I moved towards it, I followed the trail of breadcrumbs laid out for me by my angels.

Throw everything at it!

I did every kind of healing work that I could on myself.  I visualised my goal coming true.  I meditated.  I released every single negative thought pattern that showed up in my mind.

Every time I visited my home town I envisaged coming home to my own home there, even though it took a while before I found the right house.

I took up challenges that other people offered.  I ran challenges of my own.  I learned how to increase my faith.  I worked on trusting myself and the angels.   I worked on building up my receptivity muscles.  I opened my mind to abundance.

I listened to every guided meditation I own, including my own.  I talked to my angels constantly.  I asked for their help with every part of the move.  I filled my mind with as much positivity as I could.

Other people benefitted too

I taught as much as I could.  I created new offerings, new price points and new ways of working with me to my clients and community.  I talked about the move as if it was real, even when up to the week before I was due to move there was virtually no concrete signs that I would be able to afford to move.

It wasn’t all plain sailing…

I overcame all the obstacles that appeared and learned how to stay calm and optimistic even when the signs around me appeared to be pointing towards failure.  I boosted my self esteem, my self confidence and my self worth.

I learned all the spiritual lessons that were laid out for me.  I forgave myself for my past mistakes and released tons of old resentments, guilts and angers towards other people.  I opened my heart, I cleared my chakras, I found ways to move my body to shift stagnant energy.

I shared my journey, I took photos, I wrote articles and I generally did everything I could to show others that they too, could do this.

What happened next was quite surprising really

And as I did this, I got more and more uncomfortable living in that house in Skanksville.  I began to feel the negative energies around me more and more, I could feel the constant tension in the air, see more and more signs of crime and criminality.

Things that I’d not exactly turned a blind eye to while I was living there, more that I accepted as being part of the territory because I had no choice but to live there.

The REAL lesson

You see what I ultimately learned was quite straightforward.

I learned that I’d ended up living there for so long because I didn’t believe that I deserved to live anywhere else.  I didn’t believe that I was good enough to live somewhere nice.  I didn’t believe that I would fit in anywhere else.

In the end, the move was almost incidental.

Because in my mind, I’d been living in Swanksville for quite some time, and so under the Law of Attraction, what I saw, thought and vibrated on the inside, HAD to be reflected on the outside.

As I arrived at my new home and collected the keys and began the task of finding places for everything, I felt as if I’d been living there for months already.

Because, in my mind, I’d moved there a LONG time ago.

What’s next?

And now that I’m settled in the house, I have a few more periods of transformation to undertake as I continue to grow into a woman who doesn’t just deserve to move in to Swanksville, but who deserves to live there for a loooonnnng time to come.

What dream are you going to manifest that will quite literally change your life?

Free meditation


We hear many of you asking for, and talking about, abundance.  We hear your repeated affirmations and hear you talking to others about it, but we can sense that not many of you truly understand what abundance is, how it works and how you can experience it.

Abundance is the ultimate gift from your Creator.  Abundance is how you came into being.  The Creator thought that it would like to experience itself in yet another unique way and thought about it.  You were the result of that thought.

And since there is no limit to the number of thoughts that *you* can think, and certainly no limit in the Creator’s mind about the number of thoughts that *it* thinks, there is an infinite number of souls who have come into being.

The true nature of abundance

Abundance is what has created all of time and space.  The unlimited number of stars in your galaxies and solar systems are evidence of the abundant nature of the Creator’s heart.

The infinite number of species on your planet is another piece of evidence as to what abundance really means.  Yes, there is an infinite number of species and simply because your scientists have yet to catalogue every living species, does not mean that there is a limited or finite number of species.

Many species on your planet have not been discovered because your human evolutionary vibration is not yet at the same level of vibrations as those species.

This is why you hear stories of plants, animals, birds, insects, viruses, bacteria and other forms of life being discovered for the first time.  It is why your scientists are on a constant quest for understanding what is happening in your world and never reaching the end of that quest.

out with the old, in with the new

You will recall that once upon a time people had a belief that the world was flat and you’d fall off the edge.  Or that it was impossible for a human being to run a mile in under 4 minutes.   The reason these stories now seem unbelievable is because a tiny few of your species decided to think differently to the majority and in so doing, proved that the old beliefs were fallacies.

This can cause deep ructions in your societies as old knowledge and new understandings have to come into alignment with each other, and one has to give way to the other.  This is why, relatively speaking, so few of you have truly understood what abundance is.

Many of you believe that abundance only relates to money, when in fact abundance relates to every part of your life.  There is an abundance of time, energy, emotions, love, money, opportunities, food, water and knowledge.

talk of lack in times of abundance

However so many of you talk of these things as if there is a lack of them, and this energy permeates much of what you do when you talk of abundance.  Many people talk of abundance in an effort to gloss over their deep inner feelings of lack and insecurity.

Many of you wrongly believe that if you had an abundance of time or money or houses or cars or clothes or jobs or health that everything in your life would run smoothly and there would be no conflict, pain or fear.

You are seeking to place on external things the security that you “need” in your life.

material things will not protect you

Instead we want you to realise that by placing your beliefs on external things to quiet the internal strife you are feeling, that you are blocking the very things that you seek.

External things, by their very nature, can be taken away through the actions of others or in a kaleidoscope of circumstances beyond your control.  Economic disasters, natural disasters, relationship breakdown, loss of a loved one, a physical health condition – all of these things can cause you to feel a lack of security in your life.

place your faith in the unseen

What we would urge you all to do, to increase your feelings of abundance, because really abundance IS a feeling, and not a physical state, is to place your desire for safety and security squarely on the shoulders of the Creator.

By placing your trust, hope, faith and knowingness into the realm of the unseen, you open the doors to the unseen becoming seen.

In other words, by placing your desires for increases in your money, health, relationships, status, home situation, family harmony, career progression and life purpose into the hands of the Creator through us angels, you will immediately witness the desires you seek coming into your life.

All you have to do is start looking for evidence of their *presence*, not their *absence*.

Abundance isn’t really so very far away from you.

It is only ever a thought and a belief away.

When you place your thoughts and beliefs on what you desire, and let go of the habit of thinking about what is “really” happening in your life, your life will improve in so many ways that you really won’t be able to measure them!

And, as always, we angels are here to help you do just that.

Call upon our help frequently, so that you can start to experience the miracles of life, because miracles really do happen and dreams really do come true.

Much love

Your angels


Lovingly channelled by Tania Angelis 26-7-17

Going All In

Visualise, appreciate, focus

The last few weeks I have been working towards a singular goal of moving house. And there’s been some unexpected consequences.

You see there’s much truth in the saying that the person you have to be to achieve a goal is very different from the one who set it.

Going all in

I’ve been going through old limiting beliefs, acting “as if”, using every healing modality I know, created a crystal grid, prayed, meditated, bought a book on the Angels of Abundance, written posts on Facebook as if my life depended on it, listened to uplifting music and audio books, watched inspiring video courses on how to change my life, visualised, focused on keeping my energies high.

In short, as far as this goal is concerned I’m throwing EVERYTHING at it.

You see, at the end of the day you have to go ALL IN. No holding back. No half measures. No hesitation. No dithering. No self sabotage. No half measures.

You have to pull the anchor up and let the boat catch the current.

I’ve had to free myself from teenage vows made in the heat of the moment. I’ve had to do some radical forgiveness work. I’ve had to stand looking at the crappy mistakes I’ve made in the past and free the old trapped emotions.

I’ve set challenges and placed Cosmic Orders.

I’ve reached out to others for my healing. I’ve called in healing energy when mine was insufficient.

And you know what else?

I’ve still not got there fully. I still have a way to go.

I’m not giving up now!

But it will. It will.

Because I can feel it, taste it, smell it, visualise it. I get flashes of myself living in the house, of being there with the dogs and cats.

I see messages daily of people moving home, I see removal vans, I see photos of beautiful homes that people have found “miraculously”.

But you know what else?

I LOVE all this!! I love how it’s forcing me to change into a newer version of myself. A prouder, more determined version of me. A me who’s so focused on serving the world that everything else I desire is coming into reality on the back of that.

A me who isn’t afraid to write about angels, talk about angels, heal with angels, create opportunities for people to experience being with angels.

Will the real Tania Lily Rose Angelis please stand up?

In short, this is the version of me that I have seen so many times over the years.

The me who is standing up for all that she believes in, who introduces herself as an angel teacher, who lives, eats and breathes angels. Who talks to angels 24/7, who hears their guidance clearly, who acts on that guidance and who uses that guidance to create miracles for herself and her clients.

It’s been a long struggle to get to be who I am now, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of so many people, both here and in the spiritual world.

Intense energies, intense changes

But over the course of the past 3 weeks or so, as there have been some incredible planetary and galactic energetic shifts and changes, I’ve let go of the notion of struggle and am moving forwards into a life of ease.

Where what I want comes to me, instead of being dangled in front of me just out of reach, like I’m reliving the legend of King Tantalus.

I’ve read hundreds, if not thousands, of books over the years and each one of them has shifted my thoughts and helped me see myself more clearly, created little (and big!) a-ha moments and those teachings have seeped into my soul.

Doing what I do is a pleasure and a privilege.

I have an index card pinned on the wall between my kitchen and lounge on which I scrawled one day “I LOVE WHAT I DO AND DO WHAT I LOVE”

I’ve read that hundreds of times, and it’s all come true.

And now it’s my privilege to teach these techniques to others. To teach them how to never give up. How to keep going for that goal, and to keep the faith, most especially when the goal they are so keen to create seems to be eluding them incessantly.

Love leads the way

I love helping other people to make the most out of life. Watching them grow and change, from starting off by wondering how on earth they’ll afford to pay for working with me, to implementing ways in which they can earn WAY more than it cost them for the healing work we do together.

Make no mistake, when I work with someone, great healing takes place on so many levels – soul, physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, life purpose. People start to feel joy and happiness in their lives, even though on the outside things are no different.

Which is when I love to watch the transformation continue, as their inner world shifts and their outer world starts to change into the life they’ve always wanted.

What now?

I am truly blessed to do what I do and I’d do it all over again, the journey to get here. Because it’s been so worth it, so rewarding.

The journey to the goal is what I love, and the goal is incidental.

And as you may have noticed when you travel – travel broadens the mind, whether that travel is in your imagination or on a jet plane.

You’ve got this, you know. You really have.

Which means there’s only one question remaining…

Are you ready to go ALL IN too?

Much love

Tania x

Free meditation

What do you do when you get what you’ve always wanted?

When you’ve been imagining something coming true in your mind, living as if it were real, refusing to see any other outcome than the one you can picture it HAS to come true.

When you consistently see in your mind’s eye a clear picture of how you want your life to look, and take baby steps and giant leaps forward towards that vision – it materialises right in front of you, when you least expect it.

But once it’s actually arrived what should you do?


Well, the first thing of course is to CELEBRATE!  Share your success with all and sundry, and especially with those people who supported you in your vision.  And to those who didn’t believe in you?  Celebrate harder ? it’ll really annoy them!

Once the celebrations are over, what then?

After the hangover has cleared…

Well that’s when the next lot of work needs to be done.  Because now you’ve got to change your vision slightly.  Now you’ve got to change your vision from creating it and receiving it, to KEEPING it.  And that requires a whole other mindset!

We’ve all heard the stories of lottery winners who become 7 figure wealthy overnight and then end up bankrupt and lost within a couple of years.  And that’s because they forgot one simple step.

They forgot to imagine keeping the money.

They imagined winning the lottery and they imagined going on a mad spending spree and imagined living a first class lifestyle.  But they didn’t imagine keeping the money.

Sudden success happened to me

I shared with you last Friday how I have had a sudden and unexpected success for my free 5 day challenge.  For many years I have imagined posting something on Facebook that goes viral and suddenly everybody responds to it.  And that happened to me – twice in two days!

And it’s done something very interesting – it’s helped to bring up lots of my hidden fears to the surface.  It’s helped me see that now that what I’ve always wanted is here, my next job is to step up, expand and grow to become the woman who keeps this amazing success.

Imagination is key

I’ve imagined myself teaching people about angels for a very long time, and a few weeks ago I changed my website tagline to Angel Teacher.  I’ve been introducing myself in Facebook groups as an Angel Teacher and one of the pictures on my vision board for this year has the word Teach in it!

I’ve been living as if I am who I see in my mind, even though the “reality” around me didn’t reflect that.  Right up to the point where it did.  Where “reality” shifted and changed and became the reality that I was seeing in my mind’s eye – where what was on the inside materialised on the outside.  TBT as Mike Dooley says – Thoughts Become Things.

The flip side of the coin

So what are the fears that have come up for me?

  • Be careful what you wish for – it may come true (and bring with it negative consequences)
  • Being criticised
  • Being taken advantage of by freeloaders
  • Having to adjust how I spend my time (no more long lasting coffee dates for me…)
  • Being disrespected

How to fix this

And each time one of these little thought pattern trains has come up in my mind I’ve done what my angels have taught me – I’ve released them and healed them.  And this is how I do it:

  1. I notice the train of thought and stop it in its tracks
  2. I give thanks to my subconscious for bringing it to my attention
  3. I call in my angels
  4. I realise that this thought was created by myself in the past when I was younger and more immature and inexperienced. I also realise that it was created with the intention of protecting me from being hurt
  5. I immediately send love, compassion, healing and acceptance to that wounded part of myself
  6. I then offer myself forgiveness and love
  7. I ask my angels to clear me of that thought pattern and release all the pent up emotions that accompany that thought pattern to my angels for healing
  8. Take a deep breath in and hold it briefly to anchor in the new feelings of love and acceptance then breathe it out.

It’s up to you now

So, if you want something to materialise in your life, keep holding the vision of what it will look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, sound like and what it will mean to you to experience it.  Ask your angels to hold that vision with you and to help you intuit the next right step that will lead you towards that vision.

And take that step

It really doesn’t matter what that step is, and for around 99% of the time, the step that you take will have no direct effect on the outcome that you are looking to achieve.

You’ll be off course for 99% of the time

Just as when you programme your sat nav to take you to a certain place, for 99% of the time you’re not there, but slowly and surely every right turn, roundabout, traffic light and left turn gets you to where you want to go.

It’s only that very last turn that means you’ve arrived.  Every other turn on the journey got you closer to your destination, but it didn’t get you the result you wanted.  It was just another step on the journey.

You have arrived at your destination

And then when you arrive, you have to take the time to imagine keeping what you’ve dreamed so long of creating.  And the only way to do that is to keep on working on your mindset, keep on releasing the fears as they arise and keep on holding the faith.

And last but by no means least….dream of more.

Much love

Tania x

PS  I had such a great time last night sharing how to use Oracle and Tarot cards in Day 1 of my 5 Day Challenge – how to hear your angelic guidance clearly.  The video is still there for replays, so do come and join in the fun!  The Facebook group has got nearly 200 members now, so there’s lots of other angel loving people for you to get to know ? Click here to come and join the fun ?

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And then it was my turn!

Dreams Do Come True

Have you ever wanted something for a long time and it seemed like it was never going to happen for you?  And then, somehow, it did?  And while you were waiting for it to happen to you, it seemed to be happening for everyone else except you?  Yeah that just happened to me!

The Vision

For a long time I’ve had the image in my mind of being a teacher of angels, or maybe I should say about angels, a vision of one to many.  A vision where I had many students and people interested in what I have to say about angels and how I work with them.  A vision that I had long before I actually became an angel teacher, a vision that was there all through the time that I only had the courage to work with them for my own benefit.

And then over the past 48 hours that dream has suddenly come into reality.

The Bigger Picture

I have been wanting to uplevel my life in so many ways – in fact when I put my vision board for the year together in early January I realised that I wanted to expand EVERY area of my life.  My teaching.  My income.  My reach.  My home.  My finances.  My health.  My impact.  My spiritual transformation.

And I’ve done that!  Over the past six months each and every day I’ve done something to move myself towards that goal and then all of a sudden I’ve had a very clear sign, which is what I asked for.

Behind the scenes

I’ve been listening a lot to Esther Hicks and Abraham recently and I remember them saying to someone that when you have been saving up in your vibrational escrow and you come in total alignment with what you have been saving up, that it will come and it will come fast.

The Action I Took

So 2 days ago I put a post in a group that I’m a member of “Love Your Life in 30 Days” with Mike Dooley asking if anyone would be interested in a free 5 day course with me called How to Hear Your Angelic Guidance Clearly starting on Monday.

There are thousands of people in this group, and it’s very active with people posting, so my expectations were non-existent.   Admittedly I did use one of those pretty pink backgrounds full of hearts  : )

I posted it about 8.30pm in the evening and I very quickly got people commenting yes on the post.  So by the time I went to bed about 20 people had replied and I’d sent them the link.

I went to sleep with a smile on my face delighted with this response.

Holy Moly!  The Angels Delivered in Style

When I checked back in to Facebook the next morning around 11.30am I was dumbfounded.  Over 150 people had responded yes!  So I tagged them and sent them the links – in fact I tagged so many people I inadvertently got blocked from tagging by Facebook, because I didn’t realise that you could do such a thing!

Of the people who said yes more than half of them went on to sign up.  And over the course of the day more and more people said yes.  So within 24 hours more than 200 people responded positively and more than 100 signed up.

So I went to bed exhausted but happy as I welcomed them into my Facebook group ?

Could I do it Again?

Then I decided (through much inner resistance) to put the same post in another group and got the same response.  A part of me didn’t think the same thing could happen twice, but it did!

So now I have almost 100 people in my Facebook group and many more on my mailing list who are all ready and willing to hear what I have to say about angels!

What Went Before

For the longest time I’ve wanted to be able to post a message like this – to say that I’ve had a huge response to a post I’ve shared, and now it’s happened.

I’ve had so many things to do to get here, I’ve had to work on and release so many fears and so many beliefs and thought patterns that held me back and kept me small.

I’ve taken so many “wrong” turns and made so many “mistakes”.

Dream Come True

If you’d told me on Tuesday morning that this would happen I’d never have believed you.  But by the end of Wednesday my dream was beginning to materialise and by this morning it’s fully formed and here.

But without those “mistakes” I’d never have had the success I’ve now had.  So if you’re wanting a goal in your life and it seems like it’s far away, keep going and keep the faith.

Because you may wake up one morning and find it’s arrived ?

Much love


PS Here’s your chance to come and join the free challenge and find out what everyone else has been getting so excited about!

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