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In this free 5 day Challenge, I’m going to help you to create a plan that will enable you to grow your online business.  Which means that you can easily share your gifts and talents with the world AND earn a good living from it.

Each day there will be a live video with me and I’ll be sharing lots of ways in which you can increase your online presence and thereby increase your income!

Drawing on my own personal experience of working with the angels to expand and grow my business, my presence and my impact on the world, I’m so looking forward to sharing this with you 🙂

This is what we’ll be covering over the 5 days

Day 1 – Identifying Your Ideal Client

Day 2 – Being Visible

Day 3 – Be You!

Day 4 – Facebook Wizardry

Day 5 – Pricing and Money Mindset

When you use these 5 steps correctly, you’ll find that not only will you start to attract new clients, you’ll also find that your beliefs about yourself and your business and purpose will also change.

Tania AngelisHelloooo!  I’m Tania Lily Rose Angelis and I’ll be your host for this Challenge.

When you put your name and email address in the boxes below, you’ll be sent an email to confirm your email address.  Then I’ll send you details of how to join the special Facebook Group that I set up for people to connect with each other through our love of angels.  I’ll also let you know the schedule for each day 🙂

Looking forward to meeting you next week!

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