Angel Meditations Bundle

If you love angels, you’ll find these 3 guided angel meditations a wonderful addition to your angelic journey.

Each meditation contains channelled energy that comes directly from different angel realms and beings, so that you can experience miraculous shifts and changes in your life.

In the Angels of Abundance meditation, you will meet many of the Archangels and receive a beautiful spiritual gift you can work with to develop your spiritual abilities further.

In the Nature Angels meditation, you will meet some very special magical beings, including the Queen of the Fairies herself.

When you listen to the Guardian Angel meditation, you will learn what your guardian angel’s energy feels like when they are around you, and you will learn how to communicate with them easily.

Each of these angel meditations normally sells for £7 each, however for anyone who wishes to purchase all 3 at the same time, I can offer a very special 3 for the price of 2 bundle!

To purchase your bundle, simply click on the button below and you will be taken to a secure payment gateway where you can enter your card details or use your PayPal account, whichever you prefer.

Enjoy your meditations, and be sure to let me know your results!

Much love

Tania x