Angels of Abundance Meditation

Working with the Angels of Abundance can help change your life in so many ways, large and small.

If it seems like there is a lack of money,  the absence of a romantic relationship or that time seems to be in short supply, meditating daily with the Angels of Abundance will help you feel more abundant in all sorts of ways.

You will find time opening up for you, unexpected financial windfalls or a completely unlooked for meeting with someone special to name but a few of the types of things that can happen for you.

If you’ve not met me before, my name is Tania Angelis and I am known as The Angel Shaman.  I have worked with the angels for nearly 20 years and in that time have helped many people with angel card readings, channellings, coaching and mentoring, both privately and in group settings.

As the Angel Shaman, I channel the energy of the angels as I record the meditation, so the effect of this meditation is really powerful.

In the meditation, you will get to meet many of the Archangels, journey through a glorious woodland setting and receive beautiful spiritual gifts and insights that you can apply to your daily life.

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