Nature Angels Guided Meditation

Join me on this magical journey into the Realm of the Nature Angels.  Meet your own personal Unicorn, the Queen of the Fairies and receive gifts to help you on your spiritual journey.

Whether you’ve never worked with the Nature Angels before, or you have worked with them many times, you’re sure to love this meditation.  It will help you feel grounded, connected to the Earth and more aware than ever of your role here.

If you’ve never met me before, my name is Tania Angelis and I’m the Angel Shaman.  I have worked with the angels for nearly 20 years, and regularly channel messages of Love from them for my clients.  I also offer angel oracle card readings to my clients as well.

I record these meditations while channelling the energy of the angels, and I never quite know who is going to appear until I am actually in the middle of the visualisation! It makes for a very special experience for you, as you can really feel the power and energy of the angels, fairies and other magical beings who appear.

We all need a bit of help and support on our journey, and this guided meditation is sure to help you on yours.

Simply click on the button below to purchase your copy of the meditation so you can download it and listen to it on your mp3 device.  You will be taken to a secure payment gateway where you can enter your card details or use your Paypal account, whichever you prefer.

Much love

Tania x