Relationships come in all shapes, sizes and colours 🌈   They are key to having a fulfilling life – there’s nothing nicer than spending time with people you love, who love you, and who really get you!

This session is not about focusing on the other person, it’s about focusing on YOU so that you can be yourself in any of your relationships.  If you’re ready to find a new committed relationship, we can also work on clearing any old beliefs you may have about what is possible for you to experience in a relationship.

We will do some forgiveness work, identify any patterns that are stopping you from enjoying your relationships,  clear limiting behaviours, and we might even have a visit from Archangel Chamuel 😉

Today I had the pleasure of having my session with Tania Lily Rose Angelis it was about why I  don’t seem to have any relationships. I have to say I really got a big a-ha moment. My eyes were open to what was causing my block when it came to relationships.

Anyone that feels like you don’t know if you should make a session with Tania, I’m telling you it would be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

Malissa Collins, Florida, USA


To book and pay for your session, please click on the link below.  Each session is for 2.5 hours and costs £222.