Meet the Money Angels!

Hello beautiful soul 🙂

I’m so delighted you’re ready to start working with The Money Angels to change your financial circumstances – yay! Go you!!

In this free 5 day challenge I’m going to teach you various holistic techniques you can use to free yourself of your current beliefs about money.  As you apply them to your daily life, you’ll soon start finding that your finances begin to improve as your thoughts on the subject of money begin to change.

The Money Angels taught these techniques to me to help me go from being broke and bankrupt with money scaring the **** out of me, to being calm and loving towards my money and building myself up into a life of financial ease.

Each day I will be doing a live 1 hour class where I will share how the angels helped me with each of the aspects of money that we’ll be talking about.  At the end of each class I will guide you through a technique or meditation that will help you change how you think and feel about money.

Each day you’ll meet another member of the Money Angels team who will assist you in your journey – Archangel Michael, your Guardian Angel, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Haniel, Archangel Chamuel

  • Day 1 – Loving and Accepting Where You Are
  • Day 2 – Opening the Doors to Abundance
  • Day 3 – Dealing with Debt and Money Shame
  • Day 4 – Releasing the Etheric Floodgates
  • Day 5 – Tapping into your Potential

If this sounds like an answer to your prayers for help with your finances, then please put your name and email address in the boxes below and I’ll send you details of each day’s classes.  Plus I’ll also show you how you can join the free Facebook Group where I’ll be sharing all this juicy content with you 🙂

Meet the Money Angels!

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