Spiritual Path

Walking your spiritual path is not easy – there are many pitfalls, distractions and wrong turns.  Working with your angels will help to avoid many of these, however it’s not always easy to discern what your guidance actually is!

If you’re ready to take the next steps on your spiritual journey, this session is for you.  We’ll create a free flow intuitive session using guided visualisation and imagery to help you find the way forward.

To light the way, we’ll welcome Archangel Uriel to help us 😊

At the end of the session, I was a ball of radiant happiness and joy having felt heard, understood and assisted. In one session, Tania, The Angels and I had released some of my limiting beliefs about what’s possible, released fear and anxiety about my life’s path and  together created a simple, easy to follow, fun and exciting plan for my way forward.

Qamar Njenga, Kenya


To book and pay for your session, please click on the link below.  Each session is for 2.5 hours and costs £222.