Work with Tania

Hearing Your Angelic Guidance

I’d love to work with you – would you like to work with me?  Excellent!  Here’s how we can do that 🙂

Angel card readings

Feeling in need of some guidance and some clarity?  Then one of my angel card readings is just the ticket.  Working with a deck that I intuitively choose we’ll work with the angel oracle or tarot cards to get to the bottom of why you’re feeling stuck.

Each reading lasts for 30 minutes and is done via Skype, Zoom or Facebook messenger.   A session is £44 and during the session I will tune in to your angels and spirit team and bring to you the messages you need to move forwards.


What a wonderful experience and Tania made it so simple, understandable and SO relevant. Tania was enabled to answer questions I thought and had not verbalized.
Thank you so much Tania for helping me soooo much this morning. For making the unseen seen and easily understood.
Your ease and practical advice and reading was so powerful.
I REALLY recommend Tania Lily Rose Angelis when you need an answer from the Universe

You Rock!!!

Janine Kathleen Shapiro, Boksburg, South Africa

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Shamanic Empowerment Coaching

When things *really* need to change, these 3 coaching sessions will change

In these deep 60 minute sessions we’ll get to the heart of what you need to do to move forwards in your life.  We’ll go on a healing journey together and find out what your soul is calling you to do and where you are heading to next.

Each appointment is angelically led, and we will follow the trail laid out before us and use whatever techniques the angels show us.  So we could do some Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), some channelling, some angel card reading, some guided meditation, some mind clearing, belief releasing, a combination of these or any number of other things!

In each session we focus on one area of your life so that you are free to move on.

Business/Career/Life Purpose

We can release limiting beliefs, remove fear and anxiety, create a structured plan for your next steps and I will also channel a message from Archangel Gabriel if guided to do so.

If you are considering having this Life Purpose session, I recommend and emphatically and sincerely encourage you to do so. After all, who better to guide you, other than your own personal angelic team and the Archangels, working through and with Tania Angelis.

Qamar Njenga, Kenya

Health and Wellbeing

We will do some angel healing together, create some practical steps for you to take and if guided there will be a message for you from Archangel Raphael.  NB this is for the spiritual aspect of health and wellbeing, not a medical one.

I’d developed a self harming behaviour pattern at age 13 that I’d struggled with for 31 years, and also hated going for blood pressure checks. Tania approached my issues with a combination of wisdom, humour and compassion. She drew a link between the original incident that had triggered the behaviour, and related it poignantly to my sensitive empathic nature, and was able to explain to me how the original pattern could have impacted on my blood pressure, and I found this really helpful.  I also now feel much more positive about managing my blood pressure through my mindset, as I was able to put some very focussed work in for my review appointment, which paid off! Thank you Tania

Anna Murray, Middlesborough, UK


In this session we will do some forgiveness work, identify any patterns that are stopping you from enjoying your relationships,  clear limiting beliefs, and we might even have a visit from Archangel Chamuel 🙂

Today I had the pleasure of having my session with Tania Lily Rose Angelis it was about why I  don’t seem to have any relationships. I have to say I really got a big a-ha moment. My eyes were open to what was causing my block when it came to relationships.

Anyone that feels like you don’t know if you should make a session with Tania, I’m telling you it would be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

Malissa Collins, Florida, USA

Money & Finances

In this session we will focus not only on practical steps to help you with your finances, but also the mindset changes needed.  Together we’ll release your limiting beliefs and remove your fears and anxiety, all while being supported by Archangel Michael.

What an interesting and insightful session it was! Apart from practicalities like how to market my product and services, the Goddesses and Angels were also in full attendance and simply bursting with usable advice. Thank you so much for choosing me to work with Tania! For anyone in a financial pickle, do have a 1-2-1 session with Tania, it was Angelic, to say the least. Thank you, Tania, for facilitating Angels and Goddesses to work with me.

Yvonne Walker, Pretoria, South Africa

Spiritual Path

If you’d like to find out your next steps on your spiritual journey, this session is for you.  We’ll create a free flow session using guided visualisation and imagery to help you find the way forward.  And to light the way, we’ll welcome Archangel Uriel to help us 🙂

At the end of the session, I was a ball of radiant happiness and joy having felt heard, understood and assisted. In 90 Minutes, Tania , The Angels and I had released some of my limiting beliefs about what’s possible, released fear and anxiety about my life’s path and  together created a simple, easy to follow, fun and exciting plan for my way forward.

Qamar Njenga, Kenya

Freeflow Session

Does what it says on the tin – for when you need help and it doesn’t fit neatly into any category (or two of them overlap!).

Each session is for 90 minutes and costs £222.  You can also choose to book 3 sessions for only £555 for the three, saving you £111 !

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A payment plan is available for the 3 sessions option.  You can make 3 x monthly payments of £185 each.